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Posted 4/10/08 , edited 4/10/08
Saron-My Existence

Presently, I want to destroy and yet, cling
To this moment, that I never cared about.

In this town, I walk with my head down.
Is it because I never say what I want to say?
And end up letting go of my persistence

Why are people walking so fast?
Have they already reached their goals?
I’m still struggling to reach mine.

Everyone lives for a reason, right?
But what am I living for?

Leaning against the fence until the sun shined
With this feeling I believed that I could still go on.

Not like that crying cloud,
Who have left for a better day

I’ve tried to smile
But lies don’t mean anything, right?
I’ll smile for a peaceful day to come.
But, I can’t lose to yesterday.

My existence…

Understanding that life is not a game
Where you can repeat your mistakes
That to try was the only way to survive.

But when I try to not follow my shattered memories
I always end up following one.
Was this my motto to be recognized?

You said you will live up to the universe
You’ve imagined as reality

Because you didn’t want to stumble over someone’s words.
Finally I’ve believed in your words.

“That life is a battle where you can’t lose or win”
That’s all I understood since then

Though I’m sure my moon still remembers my life, in the night.
The promise that was made, I too will have a reason.

Or maybe life’s a cage
Where you try to reach out, but you can never
reach again.

I’m not losing to life
Because my existence for tomorrow is to be
Somebody with love and truth
Because I don’t dream for darkness to be light.

But for my existence to be recognized
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