Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final Failure?
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Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/28/11

Mangaka Akamatsu Ken posted his impression of Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final on his twitter. He said the script had been altered from the original scenario and it will be a little bit difficult to comprehend the story because some required explanations of the background were omitted. He asked the fans to remember the following three points before watching the movie:

1. The graduation ceremony will be held on the next day.
2. Negi has to choose one girl as his formal partner before the temporal contracts expire.
3. All the classmates other than Negi's formal partner will lose all their memories of magic the next morning.

He added that the battle scenes were well-done and the climax was impressive.

According to Kodansha, the story of Negima Anime Final was changed from what had previously been announced due to the circumstances of the production. Judging from the schedule of the premiere event, the length of the movie was shortened by 20 minutes.

Source: Akamatsu's tweet, Kodansha

The Negima movie was 45 minutes long, and included some unfinished/shortcutted parts, particularly a scene at the end where the screen fades to white and there are only sound effects. One comment said that Ken Akamatsu should severe his union with studio Shaft straight away (which he should have done a long time ago, in my opinion). The ‘movie’ had 28 animation directors, which in this case indicates a messed schedule. We even heard from one of the animators a while back that he was shocked that they were still doing drawings this close to the opening date.

Most of the comments were less extreme but there was a general sense of disappointment, and many comments that said the plot was hard to follow, even though they had read the manga!. This echoes Ken Akamatsu’s own concerns, which he tweeted last week after seeing the final version – that parts of the original screenplay had been taken out (most likely because SHAFT’s interminable mis-management meant they didn’t have the time to complete all the cuts), which he felt made the story hard to follow as intended. He urged viewers to consider that important explanatory scenes were missing when they saw the movie (a way of saying “don’t blame me if it’s confusing” – and fair enough too!). Although he did praise the action sequences at least.

Apparently, even the pamphlet for the movie wasn’t ready for the opening.

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Meanwhile, Hayate's Heaven is a Place on Earth turned out to be a success. But sadly, was only an hour long.


I think SHAFT are just doing what they do best.

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Posted 3/9/12 , edited 3/9/12
the whole movie was disappointing cause i was hoping for the animation of the final battle of the manga instead i got this i watched it but i am glad i didn't pay for it cause it sucked donkey balls in my opinion
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Posted 3/9/12 , edited 3/9/12
Glad to know not to expect much going in.
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