And the game was ruined by DLC for me.....
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Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/28/11
I've got something I just gotta vent about briefly..... I am a HUGE Jrpg fan and have been playing Record of Agarest Wars..... I am also a completionist to an obsessive compulsive degree..... Now then, that being said....

I downloaded the DLC early on in the game and it TOTALLY RUINED IT FOR ME! It made the game so easy it became almost entirely boring.... It negated the need to learn anything in regards to skills and upgrades and whatnot, made the battles insanely easy and even when I tried not to use it, it still crept up and destroyed the balance of this game.... I wish it came with a disclaimer..... Long story short, I'm way to far in to turn back, I still don't really "know how" the hell this game works and can't stand another mindless minute of auto-battle (and yes it is now auto-battle, whether I turn it on or off if you catch my meaning). This disturbs me more so because quite honestly I find the art of this game to be some of the best around and would love to keep playing it for that alone.... but this is just not worth it anymore.... I rue the day I downloaded.... Confound the folly of my decision.... Sorry just had to get that out.
Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/28/11
I downloaded the DLC. I play Agarest for the dating sim and war drama aspect. The gameplay itself is mediocre, and little strategy beyond placement and skill thresholding.

Not everyone has time or a desire to micro-manage, which is why alot of the battles in the second generationw ere just downright annoying to me. Besides, if you don't like the equipment of the DLC package, here's an easy solution: Unequip. The dLCs were meant to give people an 'edge' (no pun intended) on otherwise frustrating battles. And the second generation of Zero has been KNOWN of getting newcomers stuck. I actually think it's not all that bad.

Also, I'm a completionist too. Having the DLC made my life less frustrating. I lol'd at the MikeZ trophy. "Real Soviet damage" Lol.

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