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Posted 11/5/11 , edited 11/6/11
Part Three: Regrets

I could tell my dad was enjoying this hunt too much. He was holding his gun close to his chest, waiting for one of those 'son's of a bitches' to pop out of nowhere. Was I scared? Shitless. I kept close to him but didn't show how scared I was. I couldn't. He was proud of me now. Proud that I was stupid enough to go with him.
My dad quickly turned around and kneeled in front of me, "Kari, I'm going to scout ahead. Look on the outskirts of the town. I want to stay inside the town and look around."
Are you mental?! "But dad, I don't have anything."
He pulled out a pocket knife and placed it in my hand, "I know you can be brave. You're my girl. You can do anything."
Include shitting myself? I only smiled and nodded. My dad ran ahead and disappeared around the corner. I was left standing there. With only a rusty pocket knife. May I remind you, I was only taught small fighting techniques by my dad. They were only effective when put in only ONE certain position. They would not help me with the situation I was in. There would be ninjas. Only Shadows, ready to suck out your soul. Perfect.
I walked through, what seemed to be, deserted town. I thought I heard the soft cry of a little girl.
What are you doing?! Just put BBQ Sauce on you and an apple in your mouth! You're asking for it!
I had to work past my fear and go to the sound. The sobs getting louder. I turned the corner to the Newmans house and saw Abby Newmans sitting next to their little lawn Gnome, Springy.
I slowly kneeled down in front of her, "Hey."
She quickly lifted her head and flung herself at me. She started crying into my shoulder trying to speak.
I patted her back, "It's okay. Tell me what's wrong. Where's your mom and dad?"
She looked up at me with wide eyes. She started to point her finger at me. I could feel her little heart pounding.
"Abby, what's wrong. Tell me."
She let out a blood curdling scream and tried to drag me away. I almost fell forward.
"What is wrong with-"
I heard a deep moan come from behind me. I didn't even look back to see what or who it was. I grabbed Abby and started to sprint.
HOLY SHIT! RUN! DON'T LOOK BACK! I slowly came to a stop and decided it couldn't hurt to look behind me. Abby's parents were the one's moaning. Their jaws elongated. Their teeth having sharp points. Nothing but hallow eyes. I wanted to scream myself. What happened to them? I opened the house closest to us and closed the door quietly. I didn't want to draw more attention to us. I looked around the house and saw the scared faces of the Peterson's.
I heaved a sigh of relief, "Hi."
The all tried to smile and nod.
I brought little Abby over to them and pushed her into Mrs. Peterson's embrace.
"I need you to look after her. I have to find more people. Be safe and do NOT open the door under any circumstances."
Abby tried to speak through tears, "But what if it's you?"
"If it's me I will try to find another way in. I don't want you opening the door. I want to stay here and stay safe."
The whole family nodded to me and got closer together, supporting one another.
I nodded to them, locked the door on my way out and tried to look for more survivors. I wanted this to end. I didn't want to be afraid anymore. I wanted the fear to stop. This had to end. But how? I stood near what we considered a hospital. It was the same size as all the houses, not able to fit very many. Where was my dad? I couldn't see anyone else and I would be screwed if I started yelling, asking if anyone's out there. Mama didn't raise no fool. I should check on them. See if Mom and Jack are alright. I started heading for home.
I gently knocked on my front door, "Mom? Jack?"
A slight moan could be heard from the other side of the door. Almost sounding like the same moan as the Shadow. NO!
I kicked down the door and held out the useless rusty pocket knife.
My brother was holding his stomach, looking at me through tears, "My tummy hurts, Kari."
I started to chuckled lightly. I ran to him and gave him a quick hug. Thank the lord. I don't know what I would have done... if anything happened.
I gently patted his back and looked at him, "Where's mom?"
He pointed to the bathroom and looked back at me, "She said she had to take care of something."
"That is?"
"I don't know! I'm not a girl!"
I messed his hair, "Touche."
I walked over to the bathroom, and gently rapped on the door. No answer.
No answer. Would it be rude to barge in there. I wasn't sure what she could be doing in there and I didn't want to intrude. Ah the hell with it.
"Mom are you....."
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do first. Yell. Scream. Throw up. Run. Or beat the shit out of this asshole. A dark Shadow being was cradling my mother. My lifeless mother. He mouth open. Her teeth starting to become points. The Shadow only grinning at me, almost as if knowing he won. My mother was able to look at me one last time, reaching her hand out to me.
I could hear Jack from the other room. "Kari! My tummy hurts."
My voice having sounding like an echo in my head, sounding as if it wasn't even mine, "Don't worry Jack. I'll get you something. Just hold on a second. I have to help mom...."
A warm tear drop made a path from my cheek to the ground. The ground covered in the blood of my mother. That this son of a bitch had the nerve to take from me. I slowly closed the door of the bathroom, not wanting my brother to hear anything. To not hear as I beat the living shit out of this Shadow shit.
I took the plunger and gripped, "You.... you shouldn't of done that."
The Shadow started to laugh at me, "I did. And I have enjoyed every minute of it. I certainly enjoyed the look on your face. The scream from you mother. I wonder if you'll be the same, once I tear you apart and take your soul."
"WOnt be able to do that with your head in our ass!"
I charged at him and applied the plunger to his face. That took care of that. I unhinged the towel rack and started beating the Shadow. He dropped my mother and started yelling at me. I rammed the end of it into his chest, pinning him to the wall.
I leaned in close, "How do you like it? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!? YOU SHIT!"
I twisted and removed it, souls pouring out from his chest, making him become smaller and smaller. It's cloak finally fell to the ground, nothing else. I turned to see my mom, laying lifeless, for now.
Jack knocked on the door, "Kari? Is everything okay?"
I slowly nodded to myself, "Yea. Don't worry. Me and mommy were just talking."
"About what?"
"How we'll all be together after this. We'll all be safe."
I slowly began to aim the towel rack, at my mothers heart.
"Where will we live?" I heard Jack begin to move around the room. Possibly already collecting his things.
"Anywhere we want. It'll be you, me, and daddy. All together."
"What about mommy?"
"Mommy... has to stay behind. Mommy will miss us. She'll always love us."

Part Four: Finale. Everything Must Go
Everyone is gone. Everything is gone. I help my grip on my brother who held his arms around my neck. I would refuse to loose anyone else now. I was loosing it. I wasn't use to this much violence. I wanted to see my dad. To make sure he was okay. I didn't want to loose anyone else.
Jack started to cough, "Ew. Smoke."
Smoke? I started to walk until the smell got stronger. Holy shit. I held onto my brother and ran to see who set the hut on fire. I saw it was Mr. Peterson setting his own house on fire.
I set my brother down and tugged at his sleeve, "What are you doing?! Stop!"
He turned to me, torch in hand, "It's the only way. I'll be damned if I let these son of a bitches get away with this! I want to live! I'd rather be killed than have the chance of becoming one of them! Do you hear me?"
"Why are you burning your house! What about-"
He only shook his head and went to the next hut, setting it into a fiery blaze. I only saw Abby, moments ago, she was fine. She was... fine.
Mr. Peterson turned to me again and tossed me a stick, "Stop standing with your mouth open. You can either be with me or die like them. I doubt you want to become something like them. Take your brother and your mo-"
"My brother."
He seemed taken back but gave me the eyes. The eyes saying he was 'Sorry', when his face said, 'Don't fail me now.'
I took the stick and lit it with the flames of the hut on fire.
My brother tugged on my shirt, "What's going on?"
I picked him up and held him close, "We're... getting ready to leave the town. We have to get rid of everything. Everything... must go."
I went from hut to hut, setting it on fire, getting rid of any unwanted Shadow in my way. Last one to go was my house.
My brother look up at me, "Do you have to?"
I nodded, "Yes. Everything must go."
I stuck out the stick and lit a small part of my house on fire. The flame started to build and engulf my house.
I stood there, watching as the flames ate at my house. Wanting to watch it till the very end. I felt a tap on my shoulder.
I turned around and was surprised to see my dad. His eyes looking white. The were starting to become hollow.
My brother stood behind me, "Kari. What's wrong with daddy?"
I sighed. I was tired of the killing. I was tired of the Shadows taking everything. It needed to stop. I lifted up my fathers pocket knife.
Jack shook my leg, "Kari. What's wrong with daddy? What are you doing? Kari I'm scared."
"Me too."
I swung down. A scream echoed throughout the town.

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[I'm going to start from last to first. With when I met Dante to when I went the next town from the previous town I lived in. End to beginning.]

Fight One
I was pumped! Shweetness! I was already jumping up and down. This was my first fight. True I've done other fights, but this was the real shit. It wasn't going to be a fair fight but most fights aren't fair half of the time. To think, I could become a big shot. I can have my name out there. Screaming my name. OH HELL YEA! I started punching the air. Left. Right. Right. Left. This goin' be good!
I could hear the echo of boo's coming from the stand. I know people. I know. I would boo too. Ms. Lightning? But hey, I didn't come up with it. Wasn't what I had in mind, but who knows, maybe it could work. I wasn't going to tear of the head of my coach. He helped me get here. Least I could do his keep my foot out of his ass.
I tried to suppress a giggle. The Crusher? Wasn't too bad I guess. Better name would have been THE DOUGHBOY! He looked as if his favorite meal of the day was doughnuts. I shrugged and stepped into the ring.
The ref called us forward and looked at us bother sternly, "This will be a fair fight. When the final bell is rung, you step away. Do not continue the fight unless the next bell is rung, indicating the next round. Understood? Let's have a clean fight."
My ass. I put out my boxing gloves. The big guy stood there and spit at my feet. classy guy.
He walked to his corner and I walked back to mine. Someone's a bit cranky.
My coach roughly patted me on the back, "Alright, you got this. You can do this. Try to get in as many hits as you can. Try to see if you can tire him out before trying to get in any good hits."
"Or I can smack the crap out of him."
"Don't worry. I hear ya. Keep your oldie undies from riding up too much, alright?"
"Kari...." he pointed at my opponent.
The Crusher was taking off his gloves. Using only his bare hands?
I pouted, "Well that isn't very fair. Let's even the odds. Shall we?"
I quickly removed mine and flipped the guy off. He was PISSED!
"Kari, what the HELL are you doing?!" My coach was also pissed.
"He said keep it a fair fight. I can't promise it'll be clean. But it'll be as fair as possible."
The bell rang at we charged at one another. BUNZEI!

Final Fight

I was pretty good at this thing. I was getting some money, sure. But I was mostly getting some good fans. They adored me. The came up to me just so I could sign their babies head. I wasn't letting it get to my head though. My boss wanted me to try to get 'action figures' of myself for good profit. I really didn't care for that. I wanted to be known. Known for something good. Something that people could look up to me. See that I would be damned if I was pushed around. Was I a jerk? To the dumb-asses who decided to take me on. Fight after fight, people were starting to say my name more. Some would cheer Ms. Lightning. Some would cheer, "GO GIRL!" I was the only girl in the Fight club. Other's tried but had no success. If it WAS against another girl, they would call me L. I wanted to hear my REAL name, but it would do. I had a fight tonight. Some air head thought he could take me on. C'mon. I'm the boss. I sat around in my "dressing room" listening to my coach blab on.
I waved my hand, "Yea yea. I heard ya. What's this punks name?"
"He's said to be amazing. He sort of came out of nowhere. We're not sure why but he's been wanting to take on this one guy. The Eliminator. He wont say why...."
"Dam it. What is this shit heads name?"
"I believe he calls himself, Dante?"
Dante? Well, this Dante has a lot of nerve. Trying to go through everyone in one shot. He thinks he can get away with this? My ass.
I punched a locker, "So he COMPLETELY misses me and goes for The Eliminator? This is BULLSHIT!"
"Kari... don't worry. YOu can get him after the Elimi-"
I stalked out of the locker room. This asshole was going to get it.
I watched on the sideline.
He walked in as if it was no big deal. I'd watch yourself.
Whoa. Someone needs to cut down on the snickers.
The both met in the middle. The Eliminator giving o'le Dante a shove and they went back to their corners. MY time to shine.
I rolled up onto the arena stood with my back to The Eliminator.
I pointed at Dante, "Hey asshole! You didn't go against me yet! We have business to take care of."
He almost looked bored, "Alright sweetheart. Let's have a quick little match here. Whoever wins, gets to go against the big guy. Deal? What are the rules?"
I smiled, "First rule about fight club. DON"T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!"
I charged at him. He went in for a bunch, but I quickly avoided it when I slid under his legs, turned myself and kicked him in the ass.
Dante turned around, "Hey now..."
I rolled over so I was standing and did the 'bring-it-on' wave.
We rolled, we ducked, we punched, we kicked. Him getting in some good punches, me getting him but not doing much damage. DAMN IT! WHAT THE HELL!
I was starting to stagger. I was loosing my vision. This guy was good. I felt myself lean against the side of the arena and bounce off it. I was sweating like a mofo.
He chuckled at my staggering, "You doing alright?"
"Screw you."
I had to put my hands on my thighs, I was loosing air.
The Eliminator had enough of the "bullshit", 'ENOUGH! This is MY fight."
He charged after Dante and tried to grab at him. Dante merely ducked and sent the guy flying over the arena. Landing his huge ass on the tables.
The Eliminator stood up, "You asshole! You think you can get rid of me THAT easily!"
Dante turned around, "Yea. I think I just did. Don't worry. Next time you wont be able to get up."
The guy was pissed as hell. His arms started to grow in size. His hole body started to shift. He was turning.... red. His skin looking beet red. His veins seemed to look like lava. He was turning into Volcano man? Hell I didn't give a shit. I wanted to get out of there. I was worn out. Maybe I didn't win, but I didn't quit. I turned to receive a bottled water from my coach when a wave of heat went above my head.
I could feel the warmth singe the bottom my hair. OH HELL NO!
I slowly turned around, craziness in my eyes, "I JUST got my hair the way I liked it. I would prefer if ASSHOLES didn't mess it up every DAMN time."
The Eliminator breathed out a puff of smoke, "So what? You gonna cry about it?"
"No. I'm gonna kick some ASS!" I grabbed the nearest thing I could get my hands on and threw it Little did I know, it was my coach. The Eliminator was taken off guard and stammered backwards. Dante took this time to take out two guns. Where the hell did those come from?
I put my hand on his shoulder, "No. He's mine."
He smirked, "Don't wanna share?"
I cracked my knuckles, "Fine. You take his left side. I'll take his right side. But his ass is mine to kick."
"Fair enough."
We took this asshole down! I leaned over, Dante kicked him. The guy tripped over me and landed with a loud THUD. I quickly stood up, aimed myself on the edge of the arena, jumped like a crazy person, and landed my elbow on his ribcage. He bitched about it. Saying something about possibly killing us. I wasn't paying attention. Dante slashed at him with his sword, ribbing a new asshole right in his chest. Blood pouring out from the wound. I took a chair, whacked the crap out of him, repeatedly hitting his head. He was none too pleased. I someone got to his fat head, and started to use the choke-hold maneuver on him. He finally gave up and landed face first in the bleachers. Thankfully everyone decided to run at that point. Seeing a demon would make you do that. I stood over the guy triumphantly.
I kicked him in the side, "Eat it jack-hole!"
He responded with a grunt and nothing more.
Dante strode up to me, "Well he's done with."
"Yea. Well he pissed me off. Needed to get in one last fight."
"Last fight? Then what are you going to do now?"
I shrugged, "I don't know. This was just something else to occupy me. Get me to get out there. Do something with my life. Have some fun. I just gotta find some more somewhere. Gotta pick up the right rock."
Dante looked over at me, "Hey."
I was close to opening the exit doors, "Yes..?" What? You wanna go? Punk.
"What's your name?"
I heard a small echo come from the side bleachers. Some brave soul decided to stay or come back to see us finish off the action. It was low but then he got louder. "KARI. KARI. KARI."
Well would you look at that. Wasn't what I was expecting but it was close to a cheer I would ever.
I shook my head, "Sadly, my life just got completed. My one goal out of all of this. One guy. But it's enough to get me through the year."
"What if I said I have another 'hobby' you can take up," Dante shifted from one leg to the other.
He had my attention, "Go on...."
I moved his head, almost indicating that I should follow. My mom told me never to trust a stranger. Ah what the hell. I'm willing to take the risk.
Dante walked next to me, eyebrow raised, "Got anything special about you?"
I poke his side, shocking his whole body in the process.
"Shit. Watch it." He didn't seem to hurt by it. Probably wasn't the pleasantest of feelings.
"That's for kneeing my in the stomach. But I guess I asked for it. With trying to fight you and all. So, what's this new hobby of mine?"
"Bird watching."
Until we got there, I thought he was serious about the bird watching thing. I could never be sure. Never judge a book by its cover.
It wasn't a bad looking place. It wasn't what some called, "Shiny" but it was a place that I could get use to working at.
"Welcome to Devil May Cry. Let's meet the rest of the family."
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(same! except im more angels, astrology, numerology etc. xD awesome im not alone in this world. xD i love to write stories too. i just do rps because they keep my creativity flowing)
(not an rp Vanessa. im only like 16 here)

I had to admit though I wasnt used to casual situations like this it didnt seem all that bad to get away from all the fighting and pain. When i looked at LeRoy at the time, he seemed to feel the same way except for the fact that he mightve had a bit more practice with the crowd. After staring at him uncomfortably for awhile he was the first on to break the ice between us. He bowed and looked up at me smiling and i curtseied in reply ...almost tipping over in my rediculous heels which i was sure they were making my feet bleed. I suppose we both felt that there was no need for introductions considering that our owners took care of that for us so instead he casually extended his hand signaling me to reach for it the gently grasp as he lead to me to the dance floor leading me into the waltz and the string cortetts played a slow but merry song. He tightened his hand that was around my waist pulling me in closer as we spun avoiding the other dancers. I was actually surprised because i had just learn 1 of 3 dances earlier today yet he was leading me across the floor as if id been doing it for years on end. It was truly one of those delightful moments i knew i wouldnt forget...even the conversations i had...i knew i would remember all of my replies and guests responses everything. I thought it was the best Cinderella moment possible.
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my dragon flw throw the ctiy destroying everything in there path one of the pharoh,s city`s was falling to my might and my iron claw
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The basement of the old castle used to be a dungeon, where criminals and traitors were tortured for their crimes, but now... The horrors that spoke to me now were.... Beautiful! The corpses that hung from the walls bled profusely with their chest cut open, and organs spilling out. Jars upon jars littered the shelves, filled with varous liqiud that would have caused bile to sprew forth from anyones mouth, but mine watered. test tubes and gratuated cylinders glowed of colors that even a rainbow would be jealous of. Machines of all sizes shook and vibrated with electricity. All in all, it was the most wonderful place I'd ever been!
"Do you like what you see?" Dr. Azrael grinned, seeing the sparkle in my eyes. "It is here that I preform my experiments, child. In here, everything is mine to control. Just as the wars that are waged in the warehouse are the Undertakers to bend." He walked over to a large tube that was clouded with steam. He beckoned me forth and I complide, my curioucity becoming more forth right. He wiped the frost that clung to the tubes glass, causing me to stumble back in surprise. "No, no, no, no, no. Do not fear her. She only rests, for now." I stood up and returned to the tube, looking at the girl inside resting. She had long blond hair that reached to her knees, and fair skin. I couldn't see her eyes, they were closed, and her body was naked- though at the time the frist on the tube prevented you from knowing that.
I watched her with eyes filled with wonder, my words escaping my mouth without permission. "Who is she?"
Dr. Azrael's grin sickened me, but I was too preoccupied with the girl in the tube. "She is my daughter." I snapped my head to face a serene looking Doctor. His gaze on the girl seemed to make his words more genuine, but I had a feeling there was more to it. He must have felt my gaze on him because he told me what happen. "She was but a young woman, barely in her teens, when our village village was attacked. I brought her here for her own protection, to keep her safe from the threat that loomed ver our heads, but she did not listen. She left the safety of the castle walls, wanting to protect the children from the Seraphim that replaced Lucifer- and of which I am personally named after... Azrael. The Archangel of Death. The Final Judgment...."
I looked at Dr. Azrael in pure, unreserved shock. "but... Didn't that...? Wasn't that-"
"A story?" Dr. Azrael chuckled darkly, looking at me with golden eyes. "I'm very sorry to say that it is very true. I am the father of this child- as she is the mother of your ancestors. You and I, are blood." I couldn't believe the things he was trying to feed me. Like it was possible to live as long as he claimed he has. But then it struck me. The reason why he felt was dark. I looked at him in horror as the truth washed over me. He nodded sadly, knowing that I had finally learned the truth. "I am last son of the creatures that plagued this land so very long. My daughter was the maiden from the stories. And I am here to waken her."
"B-but... why?"
"Three hundred years have passed since The Archangel of Death walked this land and banished Azazel from it. the great Demon Lord will be preparing an army, to take back that which was his from the beginning. Only you, child, have the power to save our home from its impending doom. But without the knowledge that my daughter pocesses, you will surely fail, and the wordl he were raised to protect from the likes of which you know only in stories will come here for blood. So what say you! Will you help an old man reunite with his long forsaken daughter, to save the world? Or will you let it burn in the dispair it was born in?"
It didn't take long for me to choose, I mean this was what I've been waiting for, right? The purpose of my being! I nodded, accepting the threat as my own. Dr. Azrael gave me his dark grin, and we began research into waking the sleeping maiden.
It would be only to late that the truth would find me....
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all the pharohs citys went up like moths to a flame i took followers i took the unabeld and the left behind ones witnme to the dark shadow lands were we bilt a kingdom of witch the likes this world has never seen my staues were mad in mi scaly image the tempals to apophis and omega and set were made my tower was the largist we ever mad we made the gates out of black steel all of my grand fathers black dragon flight was to arive and i wanted every thing to look fine for the arivel of the grate deathwing the distroyer !
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We waltzed to a few more songs before LeRoy led me out to a garden. A rather large water fall was placed in the center surrounded by blooming red roses. He set me down on a bench before kneeling before me.
"W-What are you-"
LeRoy reached for my leg from under my dress and lifted my foot gently removing my shoe. Again i blushed. LeRoy looked up at me smiling.
"Your feet hurt right?" he said and i replied with a short nod. Chuckling he bagan to massage my foot.
"You're a beautiful woman you should take care of yourself better. You shouldve told me your feet hurt rather than put up with the pain. You and I both go through to much crap that we dont need stupid shit like this add to it."
I was a bit surprised by his statement that i actually bursted into laughter. Tearing and smiling, realizing that i never had a moment like that. It was usually tears of sadness and pain rather than joy.
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24 / F / the shadowlands a...
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my grand father apruved of my work and told me many times that he was proud of me
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24 / F / the shadowlands a...
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looking at my work i was wed with many a king and had many daughters but no sons so i went potroling when i saw a dieing dragoness with 3 young dragons they were boys the oldest cody the mideel andy the youngist ziro i went to se what was the mater>
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I was beginning to spend less and less time at school and with the rest of town, and spending it with Dr. Azrael and his frozen daughter. I would sometimes bring books with me to read to her. I knew she couldn't hear me, but I figured that because she was frozen and couldn't move, she couldn't run away from me like the rest of the kids. I would talk to her about myself, telling her abut my day, about what I learned in school, and about my destiny. I don't know why, but I could always feel myself smile when I talked to her. It was so easy- but I think that had to do with her bein' in a block of ice *laughing*. Anyways, one night, as I lay in my bed sleeping after my visit to the ice girl, a tapping roused me from my slumber. I sat up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, before looking t the window. A raven sat there, pecking at the glass of my chamber window, a note tied to its leg. After getting up and taking the note from the raven, I read it.

Jason, it's time. Dr. Azrael

A grin grew onto my face quickly as I knew what this meant. I quickly dressed myself, running through the halls of my father's castle, but being sure to make as little noise as possible. After getting outside, I realized that there were no guards guarding the entrance. I shrugged it off as they ere on break though. I had just made it out of hearing range of the castle, when I heard in whinny. I turned around to see Dr. Azrael's carriage. I jumped in as the black mare galloped to the old castle. Surprisingly it didn't take the old horse long to reach our destination. It make its way quickly through the village, but with near to no sound at all. I jumped out of the carriage, and ran the rest of the way to the door, I couldn't control my excitement! "Dr. Azrael!" I shouted as I crashed through the doors of the basement, "Dr. Azrael are you there!"The sound of sparks and technology only found in the world outside of my home filled the air. I was soon unconciously walking up to the frozen girl, staring at the beauty I was about to help unleash into the world. I had just touched the ice, when a pair of hands spun me around. "Dr. Azrael! Gez, you scared me!" I clutched my chest, breathing hard.
"Oh, forgive me, boy," he said with a wicked grin, "It's just that I have awaited this moment for so long, my manners are a bit astray at the moment. Please put these on." He handed my some straps and small pats, before returning to his spot.
"What are these?" I asked as I pulled my arm through a gaunlet looking thing with wires and such on it.
I heard a sigh come from the Doctor, before his voice answered mine. "Jason... There is only one way to set her free from her prison..."
"yes?" I was completely hooked, not caring what it would take to set her free.
"I need... to take your Angelic powers and transfer them to her..." he looked at me with determination.
I'll admit I was a bit taken back by this, but I also was determined to set her free. "Then do it."
The Doctor grinned that sickly grin of his, before placing the rest of the pads and what not on me. He then connected a few things to the tube the frozen girl was in, before firing up the machine. Pain. It was the one thing that was plain as day to m right then. I could feel my untapped power being drained from me. I was probably taking my last breathe, when something began to course within me. "No," I could just barely made out his words, "No, she can't! It's not possible!" I could feel heat radiated off of my skin, the cool warmth of poer surging within me, but not the power I once had. This power was more dark. It was raw and untamed. It scared me, but at the same time I feel like it awakened something in me that had never truly lived before. My eyes shot open as the sound of a large crack echoed through the room. I sat up in time to watch a large piece of ice fall and shatter to the ground. I then ran over to the girl and Dr. Azrael continued his shouting, not paying any attention to us. I continued to pull ice from the girl, until the two of us fell to the ground. I looked up at the teenage girl, a blush rising in my cheeks as her emerald green eyes fluttered open. She began to whisper something in a strange tongue, but before I could ask what she said, her lips found mine. Yes, my first kiss was with a naked half-dead teenage girl who just woke up from a what? 900 year coma? yeah, she was hott, and I felt like a million bucks. But this new power within my felt strange as the girl on top of me deepened the kiss. I could feel myself getting stronger! Her words echoed through my mine, until I could finally understand them.

"I'll find you again some day..."

Before I could question it, she screamed into my mouth, blood replacing the once sweet taste. I opened my eyes and pulled back, only to see Dr. azrael standing over us, stabbing the blond teen on me. A light glowed and entered me as she disappeared from sight. I looked up at the Doctor, rage bubbling in my chest, before I feral scream filled the air.
From outside the castle, the towns people woke up to the scream, fire shooting from every window and door of the old castle...
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24 / F / the shadowlands a...
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*they tould me what happend and i took them in
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The rest of that fairy tale night went by quickly and just fan-fucking-tastic i honestly couldnt remember a happier time. When the dance was over though I realized that the Undertaker was gone. I had asked around to see if anyone had seen him and it wasn't till i met the doorman that he told me the Undertaker had left 2 hours ago. LeRoy came up behind me and had placed a comforting hand on my shoulder then turned my around smiling.
"Dont worry." he said with a kind a gentle smile, " youre actually coming home with me and my master tonight. We'll take good care of you."
At the time all i could do was nod. Though i had no problem walking home i actually had no idea how to get there let alone the dress and shoes i wore werent helping but any normal person wouldve declined. Ive only met LeRoy this evening and Bertha taught me things like never fall for a man too easily cause all that would come out of it was pain or never go home with a man i just met and things like that. Simple stranger danger stuff but my situation left me desprate and i knew i had no choice but to go along with it. LeRoy placed an arm around my waist and brought me closer to him, almost as if he was shielding me or showing everyone that i was some time of possession...frankly i didnt know what to feel but it was comforting to have a stable person at my side. When we got to the door LeRoy had placed his coat over my shoulder and helped me in the car. LeRoy's master sat across from us he had a queer grin on his face. When LeRoy slid in he tapped his cane on the back of the driver's seat telling the man to go. The whole ride was in silence and i tried looking out the window but all i felt was the old man's stare and LeRoy holding my hand. I knew something was up.
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24 / F / the shadowlands a...
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for 5 years i was at war with the other dragon outsider clans i made a treaty with all but the metal dragons .
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