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Posted 8/29/11 , edited 8/30/11

1.You can create your own fanfiction a small one , in this topic !

2. The fans can comment , of course if they want!

3. If you find a small or a big serie of fanfiction of amuto , then will you share it with other and put the link for it !

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Posted 9/10/11 , edited 9/11/11

❤Amuto Story❤
Amu becomes a young lady with about 16 years old ... She did have a very long hair pink straight with her eyes, they were a beautiful honey-golden orbs ...Amu did still remember what Ikuto said when they were younger... he said that he will make her falling for him...Effectively, she did really fall for him, for a long time , but she was just such a denier at first... but she realize it after he did left her at the airplane (chapters 43) ... One day , at the end of the day ,she was walking home ... Suddenly she saw like someone she knows ,from a long time... This day was with many mists around, so Amu didn’t saw clearly who was coming in front …As he comes, she could see a midnight-blue hair ,in some part was messy , also straightened and shiny ,then his skin who were a light-tan color …and his eye who were a gorgeous purple dark … It’s was Ikuto …

Amu: Ikuto !!!!! //0^0//

Ikuto : Yo ,how are ya , amu ?

Amu started to crying in running in front of him, so that she can give him a big hug … but instead , she ended up being falling down … and not just down , IN TOP OF IKUTO !

Ikuto: Amu … (wide eye)

Amu :Do you know how I miss you! (Still crying, so close to his face)

Ikuto: //0^0 (wide eye and amu lames did fall in his face)

Amu: You are like just passing by and saying hi … was it that your promise ,you made me at the airplane …Huh! :{

Ikuto: Yean, and I will still keep on (smirking) T-T, but it’s seems like you really into me! (Smirking to her and putting a hand in her chin)

Amu: Huh, what?(Then she realize she was in a inappropriate position) Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!0///0 (scream)

Ikuto: Wow, relax! You started first, so it’s should be me who’s freaking out not you!

Amu: Pervert, I know you just enjoy it!

Ikuto: Yean, you are right! Amu so its count, its means I won and you fall for me!

Amu: //0x0// (Couldn’t said a word cause was embarrassed)

Ikuto: I see …(then he hold her hip with both hands ,and looked her with serious eye )

Amu: 0////0( In her mind: What should I do , so close ,so close ,I can fell his breath )

Ikuto:(Then he reput one hand in her chin , who were about to kiss her , then did at the end)

Amu: mmmmmmmm…..( Then she did kiss him back)

They were finishing their kissing ,then they hugging to each other …. They knew both that they were going to be together forever !Atfer day , she did dates and others stuffs that couple does do ,,,And after Amu finish her highschool and become a senior … She did marry Ikuto right always !

~The End ~

I did this for a birthday present ,for one of my friend at school! ^-^
She a big fan of amuto , like me!
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