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DBSK Interview


Q: What's the most memorable incident of the What's In series?
YH: When we were supposed to play five-on-five soccer, but ended up in a snow fight.
JS: The games played during the first month.
YC: The outdoor barbecue.
JJ: Fishing at the farm.
CM: Outdoor barbecue.


Q: What will you be doing tonight?
YH: Watching Detective Conan.
JS: Playing games with Changmin.
YC: Composing.
JJ: Bathing.
CM: Playing games with Junsu.


Q: What's the strength in your own voice?
YH: A versatile voice that shifts according to the different genres.
JS: Husky voice.
YC: Sweet voice.
JJ: Beautiful voice. (laughs)
CM: A voice that can reach very high notes. (laughs)



Q: If you can be reincarnated, what do you want to do?
YH: Inspector.
JS: Soccer player.
YC: I want to continue to stay as Tohoshinki.
JJ: Supermarket owner.
CM: Be a normal university student and attend date parties.


Q: The last time you teared
YH: When I saw rainbow bridge.
JS: Not very recent, during the Budokan LIVE.
YC: Over nothing really important.
JJ: I didn't.
CM: When I watched the movie [Tokyo Tower].



Q: When were you in a bad mood recently...?
YH: When I hurt my waist
JS: When I didn't eat well and had a stomachache.
YC: When I bought things at a place, only to discover that another place sold the same at a much cheaper price.
JJ: When the shop assistant displayed a bad attitude towards the customers.
CM: When I accidentally deleted information in the computer.


Q: What news have you been noticing recently?
YH: Doing countdown activities of sorts in Japan.
JS: I want to enter the beautifully lit robongi midtown.
YC: I heard that there were shops selling extremely spicy robongi ramen.
JJ: There's a new version of computer, I feel like buying it.
CM: I heard that there's a type of fish that's good for health. I want to try it. (ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT FOOD, LOL )



Q: In which area do you want to improve on yourself?
What do you want improved in the world?
YH: For myself, I want to speak even more fluent Japanese.
For the world, an orderly development.
JS: For myself I want to improve my falsetto.
I want cars that do not pollute the Earth for the world.
YC: I would want my composing to improve to the next level.
For the world, a place with no war.
JJ: For myself, it is to have an improvement in the way I think about things and the way I see myself.
For the world, traffic: Flying cars.
CM: I want to be healthy.
As for the world, actually it's not bad the way it is now.


-Sudden impulse

Q: When were you suddenly touched/affected?
YH: When I saw a show mainly centering on humans.
JS: When I got many wishes from people around me on my birthday. (Me: Oh I hope he's also including when we (the fans) signed his Birthday Guestbook Forum!!! XOXOXO ^_^)
YC: When I saw my dog after a long time.
JJ: When I was singing FOREVER LOVE.
CM: When I saw the beautiful Tokyo night view on Rainbow Bridge.

-Precious item

Q: What is the most precious item to you?
YH: Family.
JS: Healthy family.
YC: Members.
JJ: Death sauce. (????)
CM: Members.



Q: What do you hate the most now?
YH: Washing dishes.
JS: Engaging in battle with Changmin during games.
YC: Junsu's oyaji gags.
JJ: Bento.
CM: Junsu's oyaji gags.


Q: What is a life that you imagine yourself to have?
YH: Gathering all the most important people in my life, and then becoming a village together.
JS: Having a soccer field in my home.
YC: A free and relaxed life.
JJ: A cozy life with my loved one.
CM: A life spent eating food made with sincerity.



Q: Which line do you like saying the most?/ Which phrase said to you was most unforgettable?
YH: Making it come true yourself.
JS: Junsu has really good sportsmanship. (laughs)
YC: Try your best to do your best.
JJ: Do it with all possibility.
CM: Running away won't solve anything.


-Not being discovered

Q: What trick would you play on the members if you would never be discovered?
YH: Spoiling Yoochun's keyboard.
JS: Changing the contact numbers on Jaejoong's mobile.
YC: Hiding the towel while Yunho's bathing. (Me: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO ^_^)
JJ: Spoiling the air-conditioner so that Yoochun won't switch it on.
CM: Changing the commands on Junsu's computer.


Q: If you had to set your own wake-up ring tone, what would you set?
YH: Wake up~
JS: You must work hard today!!
YC: You're starving~~! Hurry wake up and eat~~!
JJ: You can't sleep anymore~
CM: You can't get out of bed lazily!



Q: Why do you think the person in front of you is smiling?
YH: Self-confidence.
JS: Saying oyaji gags...
YC: Someone hugged him.
JJ: Someone gave him good food.
CM: He's singing.


Q: What's the difference between love and crushes ('like')?
YH: Love is forever.
JS: Feelings of affection/crush would drain away, love is FOREVER LOVE! Hahaha!
YC: Crushes would end, but love continues.
JJ: Responsibility. (OH....I'M MELTING.....)
CM: I'm not sure yet.



Q: What do you wish for now?
YH: Singing LIVE on a gigantic stage
JS: Meeting fans at a big arena.
YC: Carrying out activities healthily this year.
JJ: Singing live in Tokyo Dome (not sure about this).
CM: Sleeping for a really long time.


-Sadness and loneliness

Q: When have you felt sad and lonely?
YH: Before ending the LIVE.
JS: When my oyaji gags failed to make people laugh.
YC: When I ate supper alone.
JJ: Before ending the LIVE.
CM: On a sleepless night.


Q: When do you feel the most comforted?
YH: Calling my parents.
JS: Parents' voices.
YC: Playing with the dog.
JJ: Listening to music.
CM: Guitar.



Q: When did you feel the most blessed?
YH: When I felt the fans' love.
JS: When people laughed during oyaji gags.
YC: When I see my dog.
JJ: When I added death sauce on my curry ramen and ate it.
CM: When I ate enough delicious food.


Q: If there was a week of vacation, what would you want to do?
YH: Meet with my parents and friends.
JS: Do sports with my friends.
YC: Walk the dog and relax.
JJ: Thinking of compositions.
CM: Work hard on practicing guitar.



Q: Who is the most kind of the members and why?
YH: Junsu, because he can create a cheerful atmosphere no matter when.
JS: Jaejoong, because he has great sympathy/empathy.
YC: Yunho, because as the leader, he has to keep everything together.
JJ: Changmin, because he's the youngest, so he's the most obedient no matter what I tell him. (laughs)
CM: Yoochun, because he always eats supper with me.


Q: If you see a door in an unknown place, what do you think lies behind that door?
YH: Myself 10 years from now.
JS: Soccer stadium.
YC: A place I want to go (Those kind of doors in Doraemon where you can go wherever you want through a door).
JJ: Dreams.
CM: A weird world.



Q: Your own definition of freedom?
YH: On the stage.
JS: Singing.
YC: Passing leisure time in a coffee shop.
JJ: When I get rid of the managers.
CM: When I'm watching movies and dramas I like.


Q: A dream you had recently?
YH: Fighting with the manager.
JS: A dream that was exactly the same as the one I had on my birthday.
YC: Looking for money.
JJ: When I was singing LIVE and flew towards the sky.
CM: Being very good at guitar.

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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
*gasping for air* they are too cute! lol

from the last few questions, it seems that their managers are pretty harsh on them...=/
that sucks, but hey, if any member of DBSK needs a lil comforting, Im here! lmao

thanks so much for posting!
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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/18/08

Cindycin wrote:

*gasping for air* they are too cute! lol

from the last few questions, it seems that their managers are pretty harsh on them...=/
that sucks, but hey, if any member of DBSK needs a lil comforting, Im here! lmao

thanks so much for posting!

LOL! Your so very welcome! ^_^
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