Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Posted 8/30/11 , edited 8/30/11
I couldn't find a topic about Stone Soup, so I -HAD- to make one. Has anybody played this game? If not, I'll describe it.

Stone Soup is a dungeon crawl game - You know, the "Descend into the dungeon, find loot, kill monsters" type. It's completely free (And only about 25 MB in size) and extremely enjoyable. It comes in two flavors, the default ASCII and the graphical Tiles versions.

Now, this game isn't what you would expect. It's very, very difficult. I'm not saying difficult as in "Toss a level 40 boss at you on level 1", but more like "Completely based on luck unfair". The goal of the game is to descend faaaar into the dungeon, and retrieve the Orb of Zot. Now, I've played this game hundreds of times. And never made it past level 9. It's hard, but it's fun.

Starting a new game is easy, you just pick your class and race. There's about 25 races and 15 or so classes, with the races being things like Draconians, Dwarves, Elves, Kobolds, Minotaurs; - Each and every race has it's unique advantages and disadvantages. None are a perfect race. The classes are enjoyable unique, with different branches based on Magic and Melee users. You have your typical "Warriors, Hunters, Gladiators" fare, and your "Ice/Fire/Earth etc" mages, but it has alot more to it. You could be a Kobold Skald, or an High Elf Wanderer. Perhaps a Spriggan Venomancer? Or a Deep Elf Necromancer. Maybe a Troll Beserker? It's all in your hands.

I highly recommend this game, considering it's free and very fun. And, it has a great tutorial to boot!

I hope somebody plays and posts here. I'd like that.
Posted 8/31/11 , edited 8/31/11
Ahh, disappointing. Sigh. Oi was truly hoping that somebody else had played...
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