Another Bloody Holiday
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Posted 9/1/11 , edited 9/1/11

Another Bloody Holiday

I used to remember, watching and old movie about the 1st world war, which apparently took place in France, from what was now known; as the “Song Valley.” The particular scene that was burnt into my memory was the part, where the soldiers from opposite side of the trenches stopped fighting for few minutes and acknowledged the significance of the time at hand. It was Christmas Eve.

Cold, tired and hungry, from the opposite side of the trenches, both soldiers fighting for what they believed-in, agreed for a temporary ceasefire; they climbed out from their respective trenches… lay down their weapons; and walked across the blood soaked muddy field littered with bodies of their dead—decomposing friends and comrades.

It was a crisp clear night with countless stars looking down at them, as they approached each other and started singing… Yes, they started singing, what they’ve always wished for—from the bottom of their hearts… “A Silent Night, a Holy Night.”

With teary eyes, I couldn’t help, but acknowledge the uncanny similarity of what the families of the ones that was left behind from the ongoing civil war in Libya, must be feeling right now… as the bloodiest “Holy month of Ramadan” ends in the Middle East: Would they be able to celebrate the festival of Eid?

With their hearts full of pain and sorrow—for their loved ones; that was abruptly taken away, as nothing more than collateral damage for the sake of peace and freedom… “Would they be able to smile again?”

I don’t need to become a Muslim… to feel the heavy burden that they were carrying in their hearts, as they break their fast… and gaze at the empty seats around their table.

“What do you think, they would wish for?”

Posted 9/22/11 , edited 9/22/11
Cool story bro. I wish i could write shit like that but i dont like using imagery or techniques, I think stories shall be written only with enough information to describe the situation, no need for additional emotive language.
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