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Follow this example:

You may have a limit of 7 characters. because anymore than that and i can't keep up. XD (this doesn't mean you have to make this many though)

Position of choice?
Powers?: (element choice? do you have wings? a weapon?)
Background/history? (optional i won't ask otherwise)

-Also i have full rights to say no to anything (i rarely do just so you know)
-know that if i talk to you it's not that i don't like your character it's just that you missed something or i need certain info you may not have given.
-oh and if someone has the spot you want talk to me. they may have died and im lazy not removing them or i may be able to help and make a new spot just for you
-no wandering positions. pick a side and stick to it.
-thank you for joining I want us all to have fun.

If you make a character and are deleted you weren't active. simple enough right? make a character post every now and then and you stay.
Posted 9/2/11 , edited 9/2/11
Username: Akira_Saito

Name: Kira or (Cheshire cat)
age: 17
Gender: male
Race: Bad Anthro (neko)
Position: Prince
Powers: can warp from place to place and can manipulate fire to his will.
Background/history: He grew up averagely and learned early on to despise all others. the only person that matters is him. he toys with his enemies and masks fears behind a cocky approach. but in the end he's still a wickedly bad dude. don't pick an unnecessary fight is you don't have to. Also known as the Cheshire cat he possesses a few quality's pertaining to the fabled cat. Like being capable to turn into a small purple cat and remaining thus nearly impossible to kill.

Name: Xen
age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Good Anthro (neko)
Position: Prince
Powers: Can manipulate time a bit to increase his speed and manipulates ice
Background/history: he grew up learning to care for others putting everyone ahead of him. he doesn't like confrontation but will stand firm in hard situations. he doesn't really joke about anything.

Name: Maria
age: 16
Gender: female
Race: human
Position: princess
Powers: she has no power but carries a sword with her all the time.
Background/history: she grew up with knowledge of the war and has a great strategic mind when shes focused but really is an air head. she's friends with Xen and hates Kira with a passion.

Name: Jack/Gizmo/Giz/Gear/ heyNerdboy (many of his nicknames make your own!) oh and G.I. Jack
age: 20
Gender: male
Race: Vampire
Position: Twilight Mechanic
Powers: Has a knack for building but its strictly computer ware, on top of that he can manipulate things in the air. (telekinesis)
Background/history: He grew up hated so he spent his days in his room. some people call him Jack but few know his real name. so he sticks to Gizmo.
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