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Posted 9/2/11 , edited 9/17/11
1. Characters must be at age of at least 18. The agency is not willing to compromise the lives of the youthful.
2. No god-modding.
3. 5 characters max (with the exception of predator spawn (People turned into hideous mutants by the Predator) which fall under a separate category of three)
4. You may kill any character without consulting the owner of the character, however, you must consult with me. I will be the final decider unless I myself decide to consult with the creator of the character.
5. Predator spawn may only be made by the Predator when it kills a character. It makes the decision (based on how many other spawn the owner has and my consultation with the owner)
6. You may also make predator spawn in character creation. Remember, two is the max for them.
7. At the end of your character creation, put 'Ready for battle' to prove you have read these rules.
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