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Posted 9/3/11 , edited 9/3/11

If you are a member here, we ask that you READ these rules.

#1. READ and FILL OUT the form in the first post of the topic. We have every right to pass up your request if you don't give us the information we need!

#2. Be polite. We make this stuff for you because we want to. We'll treat you nice, so do the same for us.

#3. There is a REQUEST limit. You may pick a moderator you want to fill out your request, HOWEVER, if someone has already requested that moderator, then you cannot request the same moderator. This applys to every request topic individualy. So, if someone requests....... o_O... iiRawrr in the Request Renders topic, someone can still request her in the Request Texts topic.
SO ... this means that a moderator should only ever have one specific request at one time.
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