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Posted 9/3/11 , edited 9/4/11
The form

Username :
Created a charatcer ? :
Icon you want to put on the profile :
Are you going to help out the group ? ;
Can you make grathics ( Doe'nt matter if you cant ) :

What can all mods do ?

- Create fourms { Roleplay - Games-Discussion aout films/manga/anime/music etc }

- Create pages

- Approve members when they sign up there character { If you approve them on there post put at the bottom of it approved by {Then your username} you can use pictures , grathics words for this } and quote them { put the quote in spoiler and again optinal for Grathics , words etc }

What they CANT do

Remove/ban people { If you do i will find you and remove you of being a mod }

Approve people to be mods

Delete fourm's / fourm posts { Unless you posted them }
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