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Posted 9/5/11 , edited 9/6/11
I'm up late and I am having an itch where I know I dropped a manga for a while to let the story go on without me a bit...

So the chick is the leader of a gang from a school and they are going to this shed to fight another school or something, and then there are vampires there. Whatever. Long story short, she is a vampire (sorta) and her old friends forgot about her.

P.S: Let me know if I'm mixing two mangas... it's late and I just finished Midnight Secretary.

Also, she is a badass when fighting and she sucks the blood of the two "pure-blood" twins or wateva.
Please respond quickly!
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Posted 9/6/11 , edited 9/6/11
No personal threads, we have a sticky for this.
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