Space Marine
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Posted 9/5/11 , edited 9/6/11
Coming out tomorrow and im ready and zealous.

When are you getting it and what chapter will you be playing in multiplayer?

As for me im playing the Storm Wardens,Salamanders and the Minotaurs chapter for the loyalist.

And Alpha legion,Thousand Sons and the Iron Warriors for the traitor legions.

Either way,it's gonna be a fun game.
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Posted 11/15/11 , edited 11/15/11
Space Marine is a good game to pass the time. Space Marine is a shooter with a refreshingly simple, easy and fun. Space Marine is a great experience. The game lasts about 12 to 15 hours, which is long enough. It may seem boring to some, but not the strategies needed this game kept me for months instead of a day you took to complete the game.
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Posted 11/15/11 , edited 11/15/11
As a diehard fan of Warhammer, I play the 40k Games Workshop, and have the whole Series for PC, including Original Artist Books, with 90's Fan art and prototypes.

The game is just an attempt to make money, IMHO.
A spin-off 3rd person with war hammer models on Gears of War engine.
Tho, I do recommend it for people who want to be introduced the 40k universe.
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