MOT the Person Above You.
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Let's see how well this one goes...

Plain and simple: Design a motivational slogan about the person who posted ahead of you. You only have to compose it in text format, however if you're feeling inspired, then by all means create an image version, using their avatar, profile pic, or some other picture that captures the essence of the intended MOT.

Please refrain from flaming, defamating, or otherwise assaulting the dignity of the other poster in the spirit of meanness. Of course, if you're familiar enough with each other to jest in that vain and can accept and understand it as such, then do so at your own discretion.

Here's a made-up example:

Gingers aren't just a passion - They're a way of life.

EDIT: Since designing an image takes time, you may certainly go ahead and post one whenever you can (doesn't have to be about the person directly above your post) as long as it's clear who is the subject of the MOT.

Have a blast!
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