need help with 3d anime short film
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Posted 9/6/11 , edited 9/7/11
so i'm looking for people who can draw some anime sketches of neko wolf/fox/cat anime and anything else you can come up with but they'll have to be full body(head to foot) and front view only; dont go heavy on detail do give some detail on clothes, hair, and face. when you finnish the sketch go over everyline in dark black pen and no color or fill(dont fill the eyes in and only shade to show depth not for detail) if you are willing to help add me then pm or gb me about it and we'll talk. all sketches must ne scanned and and emailed to: *[email protected]* after we have spoken and everything must be original to the artist(meaning created by the person who subbmitted the sketch)
all artist's will be logged in a digital list ordered chronologically (from first submission to the last) you will be notified if yours was used or not by the time all that are gonna be used are selected and those selected will receive credit for their work in the creation of the short film

so please hit me up
i would love to see what you have for me
much love♥
email: [email protected]]
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Posted 9/7/11 , edited 9/7/11
No personal threads, and that post looks absolutely horrible. You should really consider not using colours at all.
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