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OK~!! As many of you ppl know **drum rolls** Saki has her own blog~!!! yay!! xD *crown cheers* Like i was saying, since saki has a blog I made this forum to post her latest blog Post :DD you can post on here about her latest post, but plz no spamming or mean words :DD Also, I will post her blog post ASAP!~ so, if she post something, and i haven't posted it yet, and ur upset, then i'm sorry, but a human not a octopus xD lol, so thxs, for supporting saki, and plz continue too~!!
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It’s Nakajima Saki.


we had rehearsal for ℃-ute no Hi

♪(´ε` )

It’s suddenly come up, huh.

September 10th, 2011.

It’s a day that only comes once a year,

so I want to make it a fun stage with all my strength!


I’ve gotta work hard~!

Then tomorrow,

we’ll be doing an event

with members chosen from Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute.


It’s crazy Σ(゜д゜lll)

Naka-san’s panicking!

Just tomorrow~

Ah~ I’ll have to check it over again when I get home!

I’ll do my best!

-Nakajima Saki-

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Looking at it now,

I wonder, “What was I doing?”
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It’s Nakajima Saki.


the moon is really lovely, huh.

Though even looking at the real thing is lovely,

seeing it filmed on the news

was so beautiful I was surprised.

♪(´ε` )

To my eyes too

only being able to see it so small

gives me goosebumps~ lol

In that,

something I’ve noticed lately

The percentage of 2-shots Naka-san takes with Mai seems high.


so then, today’s picture

is with Mai.

-Nakajima Saki-

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Takahashi-san’s photobook which released today

geeet!♪(´ε` )

So incredibly cute!

It’s Takahashi-san’s last photobook

as Morning Musume.

By all means!

Naka-san who bought it on release day

calls out~. lol
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