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ok~ so all the berryz's members have a blog! so i decided to post them on this forum!!
I will post them ASAP~ or if any of the other mods, gets around to doing it for me xD
and plz be patient and contine to Support Berryz Koubou!
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Risako's Post

Hello, it’s Sugaya Risako ♪

A temporary set was made at the practice facility! Though we’ll be taking it on stage soon, I don’t truly feel it yet… (^_^;)

Day by day everyone’s performances power up… I really can’t wait for the stage. ☆

All~right, I’ll work hard tomorrow too!!

Since it seemed like Aoyama Ikuko-san, who we call Iku-san, was enjoying this refreshment Katsuya-san gave us, I took a quick picture (。・ω・。)

A 2shot with Maasa ♪ ♪
Well, I’ll see you at the next post ★

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Saki's blog post:

Returning home after practice now

I’m reading comments from everyone
Thank you

Today we wore costumes and did a full rehearsal

My heart was racing before we started….
but the warm atmosphere at the practice facility relieved my mood

and at the same time got me fired up!!


After doing the full practice today, we have a holiday tomorrow!!!

I’ll prepare myself physically, and I want to do whatever I can now to turn toward going on stage

…I feel like I still want to walk
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Chinami's post. picture is NOT up to date

It’s been awhile (^-^)
It’s Chinami ★

We practiced today too (^^) All the way through!!
I’m nervous every time (>_<)

This time
saying something like that
or saying something like this
I’ll do my best to show everyone a new Tokunaga Chinami!!

I’ve thought once again lately
that smiles really are precious.
The face which looks best on humans
isn’t the face we show to the camera
but a smile~~~~ (^o^)

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saki's post:

For those who couldn’t come yesterday, a shot of all of us

The weather’s great today too!!!!!

I want to play >∀<

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saki's post

By chance I wore similar clothes to mai today, and so we were told we look like sisters >∀<


The two of us said,
“We came in looking really rough, but since it’s such a chance, let’s take a picture ”

Do we look like sisters?

Or rather, what I’m concerned about now is which one looks like the older and which looks the younger sister? lol

We played to the gallery all day today
Though it started in the morning, I could do it!!!!!

Shishu team

will have opening day in 3 days!!!!!!

I want lots of people to see it!!!!!!!!

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saki's post:

Mai-chan from the Hagiwara household

Yellow is mai
Pink is saki

The other day Saki had Minnie on the stomach of her shirt, and Mai had Minnie on her back!!!

And our Kuma-tan iPhone cases are the same too

Since we’re W C sisters, our tone matches so much it’s surprising

And the hands in the picture are, from the left,
mai saki …chisato

When Saki told Mai to put out her hand
Chisato who was beside her put hers out at the same time

Too cute! lol

Well, I’m heading to go on stage!!!
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