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How do you handle your first day of school?
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22 / M / London, England
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/8/11

pineapplejam wrote:

by being a loner!
finish listening to lecture then back home to my dear computer

Couldn't have put it any better!

Posted 9/10/11 , edited 9/11/11

ebscidy wrote:

skipabeat23 wrote:

Hmm I chill a little with my best friend and friends. Go to my new classes, made a few friends. My science class was boring as hell...and I hate the teacher cause.....I DO. xD But seriously, I don't like him, boring ass teacher... But the rest of the teachers are AWESOME and FUNNY. =D Soo yeah, it was good. n3n

OMG! Momo explained it all except my dumb science teacher is a girl but I STILL HATE HER!!!

HELL YEAH! xD But mine is a guy, but a old one that is half bald with a little bit of hair sticking out, and skinny like a pencil AND a face that looks like this. LMAO Scary huh? xD

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F / Japan
Posted 9/11/11 , edited 9/11/11
I do not any special things.
I go to school as usual
Posted 9/11/11 , edited 9/11/11
Ignore people, situations, stuff like that.
Posted 9/11/11 , edited 9/11/11

Dundotdun wrote:

I be extremely nervous inside BUT keep a confident face LOL

hahahah!! that is awesome!
Me too, and I also talk to people around me even though I'm extremely nervous too just to look confident
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24 / F / Minnesota
Posted 9/11/11 , edited 9/11/11
Usually first day of school means catching up with your friends and trying to help the freshman. But this year it didn't go that way, on Monday at 12am i had returned from Wisconsin and i had to get my things ready so by 2am i had gone to bed. Then i had to wake up at 5am, so i think you can guess it was a crappy first day of skool lol XD
Posted 12/2/11 , edited 12/2/11
Ignore my surroundings.
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25 / M / Seattle
Posted 12/2/11 , edited 12/2/11
I'm out of school.
Nobody gives a sh*t about first impressions in college.
Posted 12/2/11 , edited 12/3/11
When I was in school, I never really went to the first day of school. But first impressions don't really matter in highschool.
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22 / M / Sea of Nostalgia
Posted 12/3/11 , edited 12/3/11
1. Catch up with friends i aven't seen 4 a while
2. Catch up on the hot gossip from the hollidays.
3. Be nervous and find out new classes.
4. Live in dismay and become depressed about my new classes.
5. Do shit-all for rest of day.
6. Go home.
7. Computer.
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