Idols in Japan compared to the West
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Posted 9/7/11 , edited 9/8/11
How does being an Idol in Japan compare to being an Idol in the West? From Anime and Manga it seems like there's a lot of down sides to being the Japanese Idol. How much of it is fact and how much is just plotline fiction?

1) Huge amount of control from the Talent agency and/or management company, which seem to have a firm control over job placement.

2) The Front man or woman has to be single and chaste.

3) The top tier makes some serious cash but everyone else just kind of scrapes by.

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Posted 12/22/11 , edited 12/23/11
I'm sorta sad how people didn't respond to this. Oh well. I attribute that to a lot of people being ignorant about the Idol industry.

I'll bite.

The 'Idol' industry is much more fleeting there than it is here. That's not to say that it isn't fleeting here, but truth is, there doesn't exist this massive influx of randomly famous flash-in-the-pans here to the extent that it exists in Japan.

The way it looks in Japan is similar to how it looked here in the 90s - with groups like the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and overlord like Lou Perlman. While some of them skyrocketed to fame, most of them did very well, but tanked epically in later years. I think the industry here is longer-lasting and is more willing to bring back old acts.
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Posted 12/25/11 , edited 12/26/11
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