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In the Depths Of...
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Long before the Exile of Raika, each God and Goddess created their own creation in the world. Wavedancer, the God of Water, decided to create the creatures of the sea to watch over and safeguard the element of water and to ensure its survival.

And so the City of Telu-Mir was created. In simple terms, the city was created on the bottom of the ocean floor...and survived because of one reason only. To ensure its survival, Wavedancer created a small jeweled ball, the Jewel of Waves. This crystal kept the ocean off the city, making a dome-like barrier around the city to ensure that the city wasn't destroyed by the pressure, but it also converted the air in the water into air to breath for the land-dwellers.

Travelling by normal means is impossible, and travelling to and from Telu-Mir can only be successful by use of teleporation. When at the Underwater City, use of their special boats is also available for non-teleporters.

There is a Crystal in Kalinia, Temple of Setsuka in Setsuka's Memory, anda hidden cave in Shuka Lake that can get a non-teleporter to Telu-Mir, but only a Resistance can access the Crystal, since the room surround the Crystal is protected and sanctioned by the God of Water, Wavedancer to avoid a repeat of history.

This city was the original site for the Temple of Wavedancer, but when the War between the Resistance and the Void broke out, the City was attacked and lost its majority claim to the world. It is now more a minor-city of sorts, used as a headquarters or a safe-house, now that its protection has been re-instated. Royal members of Kalinia have been seen here, but the Lord Commander is the one who governs this once-beautiful city, in hopes it can be made into a paradise once again.

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