Post Reply Why do you like A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives?
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Why do you like a Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives?I just wondered why people like A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives. If you have an answer that is not on the poll, please share. If you guys could also leave a comment as well as answer the poll, that would be great! Please and Thank you!

I like it for all of the above. The characters are AWESOME looking!!! The art is AMAZING!!! The Story is EPIC!!! and the music is okay.
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I really like the character designs! C:
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Well I like A Dark Rabbit has seven lives because its a great plot. The story is easy to under stand, great music, animation, etc., well bottom line it's a great, no awesome anime!
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actually i agree with you VNlover555. love the story, character design, graphics, and decent music.
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I like "The Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives" because of the story line (voted) I thought it was very inventive to make this pact with Saitohimea and how venerable she was when trapped in the neither world being tortured.

The only thing I don’t like about the story is that his girlfriend (Haruka Shiqure) before he remembered everything gets dropped like a hot potato for this other girl and basically her life ends there, until we find out that she was a plant that Hinata Kurenai put there to keep an eye on Taito Kurogane.

This is the most colorful Anime I have ever seen, I like the use of color and the sparkle shifting hair of Saitohimea is very alluring and also indicates the power that she welds.

Even though she is suppose to be all powerful and a Vampire master, she is very calm and cute and only wants the love of her servant Taito, because he is the only one that never asked her for anything.

I have watched this show more than other Anime’s and I think it's because of the dire situation that they find themselves in, it is like a fatal attraction that smolders and Saitohimea is not selfish enough to use magic on him because she wants his love for her to be real for all the right reasons.

For all her power, she only wants simple love…
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