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The Monarchy:
The shadow lands' throne is passed to the eldest male child of the current ruler; legitimate children those born to the ruler's official mate are given preference over those born to concubines or mistresses. Should no male child be born, the Crown will pass to the eldest female child, and should there be no children at all, the Crown will be passed to the closest male relative of the current ruler – most likely a brother, nephew, or male cousin – who will then pass the throne down through their line. In the event of the entire royal line becoming defunct, the head female of the pride will be allowed to instate herself as the new 'Queen', and her line would then become the new royal family.

Other kingdoms have differing rules for inheritance; for instance, the throne of the Lowlands must always pass to a male, regardless of relation to the current King. For specific rules for each kingdom, please ask.

The shadow lands monarchy engages in a practice known as Betrothing – all children of the current King or Queen will have their mates pre-selected for them, generally while the offspring are still underage. Typically, a mate is selected from another pride's ruling class, but it is not necessarily the only option – a mate may be selected from within the pride, a cousin, a rogue or rogue's offspring, or a non-royal cub from another pride; the mate only need be deemed suitable by the King or Queen. Royal chick,s have no choice in the matter, and will marry their Betrothed once both lions have reached maturity – but the ceremony will still need the consent of the King or Queen, who may postpone it for any reason.

Social Structure:
The royal family is the head of any kingdom, but the pride or prides that reside within their territory have their own hierarchy and relationships with each other. For every pride, there is an alpha huntress, who leads all hunts. She is typically the best hunter, but occasionally a Queen will take the position for herself – and she may or may not be the best. The rest of the pride is arranged from best huntresses to worst, and a lioness's life revolves around her position in the pride. Until they are adults, all female chuck,s share their mother's station in life – this only changes upon successful completion of their Rite of Adulthood (see section dedicated to this).

Females of the pride are not allowed to mate outside of the King or Queen's say-so – and offense that if violated can be punishable by exile or death, or even destruction of the resulting cubs. Typically, the King or Queen sets aside a certain season every so many years that pride lionesses are allowed to leave the pride's territory/kingdom to search out mates. Mates can be rouges or members of another kingdom's ruling party. Female cubs born from such unions are granted freedom of choice – they may either stay with their mother's pride, or join their father's pride. It is forbidden to take rogue status, although some females do so anyway. Males born to a pride-female are exiled and take up rogue status as soon as their manes run along their spines. They are only permitted to stay if they are to be joined to a royal family member. Royal males outside the immediate ruling line may only remain in the pride if the current King or queen allows it Most are simply exiled.

Rite of Adulthood:
Females must undergo this ritual; males are exempt. Upon reaching adulthood, a lioness cannot participate in group hunts until she undergoes the Rite. She is sent out alone to showcase her hunting skills. It is up to her to decide on what prey animals she selects, and how she brings it down, and she will judged based upon time taken to bring the prey down, species choice, risks taken to bring the animal down, number of flubbed/ruined opportunities to bring the animal down, and how injured she became in the process. It is important to note that once an animal species has been selected by the lioness undergoing the Rite, she may NOT change it. Any lioness who fails to bring back anything at all is demoted to the very bottom rank, and she will have very few opportunities to change her status since bottom rank is typically given only baby-sitting duties, so species selection is critical. A lioness who chooses to hunt something far outside her range of abilities to kill alone will ultimately fail her Rite, or be injured or killed in the process of success.

The Rite itself has no set time-table on which it must be performed. A dragonss may be barely past puberty, or well into adulthood, but she may NOT participate in group hunts until she has undergone it. A dragoness,s Rite may be delayed for any number of reasons – lack of sufficient prey in the area, insufficient growth on the dragoness's part, danger quotient too high from other predators, especially wyvern,s etc. – but most lionesses take the Rite during their teen years, and most have had sufficient preparation to pass the Rite with good marks. these are the rule,s of these land,s

the king or queen and any of there court and family is the first to eat on a kill that is made the low ranking dragon,s will what there tern mostly to see how is more fit and patient and can put up a fight witch do,s break out over left over,s but when food is scarce if you find any thing in these land,s it is your,s but other,s will want it to you must fight for it witch most of the time is deadly and quick follow these rule,s and you,r life here will be fine but if you cant
you will be jumped every time you get or make a kill so ether fight or spend the rest of your life being dominated but you can all way,s come see the queen or storm i am sure they will help you out.

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