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Post Reply Least Favorite Naruto Shippuden's character
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Posted 7/6/13 , edited 7/6/13
Naruto, I hate how he TNJ all his enemies and he's just too loud! For crying out loud, he's 16 but he screams and shouts like a 5 year old kid.
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F / Hidden Leaf Village
Posted 7/6/13 , edited 7/6/13
Danzos just stupid, he cant even fight, yet he wants power and no one likes him.
Sakuras pretty annoying too, she cant risk herself for naruto and she lies to herself. She should take time to decide her feelings instead of lying about them.
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F / Everything slowly...
Posted 7/27/13 , edited 7/27/13
Hinata is my least fav character...
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23 / M
Posted 7/29/13 , edited 7/29/13
and the zombie pair
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25 / F / Iowa
Posted 8/14/13 , edited 8/14/13
I really dislike Sakura, Ino and Tenten. They are worthless female characters up til this point in the anime. We hardly see Temari and she does more. Jeez.
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Posted 8/15/13 , edited 4/16/15
Kakashi..... He sucks he is good for nothing

The only person he really ever beat was zabuza

He taught Sasuke Chidori and he almost killed naruto with chidori when they were kids
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Posted 8/16/13 , edited 8/16/13
the only i like kabuto is because his glasses stay on no matter what
i hate ten ten she so useless what has she done ever
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33 / San Fran
Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/28/13

shadorai wrote:

i have to agree, i hate sai too. his jutsu are cool, but his personality is so fake sounding, and i really hate how he wears those clothes that show his stomach. not to mention his skin looks like he got caught in some kind of flour explosion.

kankuro is probably up next, i don't like him either. i kind of always hated him, ever since the chunin exams so long ago. i never liked that face paint, and his outfit looks like crap. and i really hate how when he faced sasori in the war, he was 3x stronger than him all of the sudden.

Just for the record, Kankuro didn't get 3X stronger than Sasori all of a sudden (I'm a fan of Kankuro, but I'm realistic). First of all, Sasori didn't have his puppet arsenal with him, so he couldn't put up much of a fight. Second, Kankuro had intelligence on him and the other edos. And third, he had a team behind him! You don't have to like the guy, but at least get you're facts straight! K?
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22 / M / ireland
Posted 8/31/13 , edited 8/31/13
killer bee is freaking awesome man his rapping is so funny cause its stupid haha but i hate all the enemys there all dicks except pain he was pretty awesome
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Posted 9/30/13 , edited 9/30/13
that'd be sakura n sai...
never likd thm at all
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20 / M
Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/13/13
none of you guys better not say KiBA
Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/17/13
1. Naruto
2. Rock Lee
3. Killer Bee

They are pretentious and lack depth, and most of all-- they have absolutely no idea what they're talking about, ever.
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26 / M / CALI-FORN-I-A!!!!!
Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/18/13
SASUKE. Lamest character ever.. massively emo and boring whiny as all hell.. has some sort of crush on his brother.. all around a dumb character I hope naruto kills the guy once and for all.
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36 / M / Los Angeles, Cali...
Posted 11/3/13 , edited 11/3/13
Back in Naruto, it was Sasuke.

In Shippuden, it is everybody. Everybody that is not Naruto became secondary character.

-Tailed beasts made Taijutsu (guy/rock) and the bug (Shino) users completely obsolete. The sad thing about Rock Lee is that he gets only one cool scene against Gaara and now he's just a throw away character.

-Sai is completely useless.

-Ino is a human telephone.

-Shikamaru was great when avenging his teacher, but now he's just there.

-EMS and Rinnegan made Byakugan useless.

-In the War against Obito, everybody is useless (strangely even Killer Bee is useless).

-Five kages are useless. They're not doing anything in the war... besides Tsunade... posing with her fingers up with Sakura healing a bunch of ppl nobody knows.

-Sasuke became extremely one-dimensional in Shippuden.

-Kakashi really didn't do much in Shippuden other than moving Obito's story along.

-Yamato was a great character... but extremely useless post capture.

-Naruto himself is just constant Talk no Jutsu to all the main villains using the same "You're just like me" ploy.

-Tobi was great but after the unveiling of his identity, his persona turned completely into a whiny little boy.

The list goes on...
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Posted 11/14/13 , edited 11/15/13
SASUKE Because he has been Whiny and playing the "no one understands me" victim, acted like No Other Character but him had a HARD LONELY LIFE, and never had any friends ets. so for right now its him. the manga isn't over yet.
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