DREAMS....Do you have dreams in Color and more? Do tell..
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from the South Bay
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/9/11
Ever since I could remember my dreams are always in color .Some color are more dominate than others.
like red.

There are dreams you remember and some you don't. I started writing down everytime I have a dream in the past years but lately I don't dream a lot because I am taking medications for pain relief.

But i remember this one dream I took on a role of a male Union captain during the civil war and I was wearing a blue officer uniform. It was war, Gun shots in the air and I was behind a ditch with my men.I was afraid.

There is another dream that had a very strong tactile sensation.

It was war time, WWII. Snow was falling that day, It was quiet.I was a European Soldier in my winter outfit with a long overcoat and mu bayonette rifle...I looked at my wife as she caried our baby in her arms.I was about to leave but I came back ,leaving tracks of footsteps in the snow...and embraced her where she was standing, outside, as the white snow fell on our head .we kissed.The colors were muted because i was snowing.

But I remembered how tight the embrace was and touch of our lips. I was sad.

So enough with mine , how about yours.

Do you have dreams in color and with tactile sensation.

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Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/9/11
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Posted 9/9/11 , edited 9/9/11
Meh, we got enough dream threads.
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