Won Bin come back drama !!!!
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Posted 9/9/11 , edited 7/24/12

Won Bin may return to small screen in new TV series by "Padam Padam" producers

Top Korean actor Won Bin is eyeing a new TV drama penned by famous scriptwriter Noh Hee-kyong.

“Won has been offered to play the male lead in a new TV series produced by director-writer duo Kim Kyu-tae and Noh Hee-kyong. Nothing has been set yet because it’s still in the early production stage,” an official with Won Bin's agency said carefully.

Kim and Noh, have worked together in KBS’ critically acclaimed drama "The World That They live In," (2009) with Hyun Bin and Song hye-kyo. The duo's teamwork was also noticeable in JTBC’s popular TV series "Padam Padam" (2011-2012), starring Jung Woo-sung and Han Ji-min.

Won Bin made his debut in KBS’ series “Propose” in 1998, and shot to stardom after appearing in "Autumn Tale" (KBS, 2000), his last project in the small screen so far.

After seeing huge success in the small screen, Won has focused on filling his filmography with excellent features such as “Guns and Talk,” (2001) “My Brother,” (2004) “Mother,” (2009) and his latest action pic “The Man From Nowhere.” (2010)


Won Bin is also very likely to come back with a drama. His success in last year's "The Man From Nowhere" made him one of the most looked forward to actors.

He has also been receiving calls from Hollywood so it's possible he might be active abroad starting next year. However, he's currently put aside moving to Hollywood and is U-turning to Korea.

He is debating with a piece by a star writer which is due to be released next year and another one from the general service channel jTBC.


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Posted 7/24/12 , edited 7/24/12

Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee to possibly return to the small screen together?

Top Stars Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee are igniting much anticipation with their possibility of returning to the small screen together.

Today a representative from Won Bin’s agency, ‘Eden9′, stated, “It is true he has received a proposal for the drama screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung is currently writing. We are looking at the project in a positive light. However, we are taking caution because everything is still in its beginning production stage.”

If the actor were to accept the offer, it would be his first return to the small screen after the drama ‘Autumn in My Heart‘ which he shot 12 years ago in the year 2000. Won Bin has been searching for a follow up project for his 2010 movie ‘The Man from Nowhere‘ and many are curious to find out of this one will be the lucky pick. He has been receiving love calls for a variety of movies and dramas but rejected all of them after carefully reviewing each one.

In addition, Kim Tae Hee has been brought up as a possibility for the female lead. Producer Kim Tae Gyu who is currently working with writer No Hee Kyung, has previously worked with the actress on drama ‘IRIS‘. Lately there have been rumors floating around that Won Bin, Kim Tae Hee will soon begin working together with the producer and screen writer.

A representative from the drama’s production company cautiously revealed, “It is true that Kim Tae Hee is on the list of candidates but nothing as been decided yet“. The actress’s agency also said, “Although it is true that Kim Tae Hee and producer Kim Tae Gyu are close, we have not received any official offer.”

Furthermore, there are words floating around that Noh Hee Kyung is adding her own flair to what is originally a Japanese drama. In response to the gossip, the drama’s production company stated, “That assertion is one among many. Nothing has been decided yet.”

Stay tuned for more news on whether or not Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee will indeed become the new heart-throb couple!

Source + Image: StarNews via Nate
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Posted 8/11/12 , edited 8/11/12
O God! Make this dream come true! WON BIN & KIM TAE HEE together in a drama!!!!
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Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/16/12

Won Bin’s 13 year come back to TV drama is not to be

Actor Won Bin‘s 13 year comeback to TV drama has been confirmed by multiple sources to have been void.

Won Bin was offered the leading role in the drama written by writer No Hee Kyung and to be directed by PD Kim Kyu Tae. It was reported that he was seriously considering starring in the drama and many were optimistic to see him make a comeback to TV. However, according to several insiders in the TV network, Won Bin has made the final decision to not star in the drama. An associate of the drama’s production team stated, “Won Bin has decided to not take the role. We’re currently talking to other Hallyu stars for the role.”

Won Bin had been searching for his next project for 2 years, since his last film ‘The Man Out of Nowhere’, which attracted more than 6 million moviegoers. If he had actually starred in the drama, he would have made a comeback to television after 13 years from his last TV drama ‘Autumn In My Heart’. Many predicted Won Bin to add another huge hit to his already impressive filmography and the possibility seemed even more likely since writer No Hee Kyung was writing the scripts. She is known in the industry as the ‘Magician of Words’.

An associate of the TV network spoke about the reason Won Bin decided against starring on the drama, “We don’t know the exact reason why. But the new drama’s female and male lead role share a similar importance in the storyline, I believe the mediation proved to be a little difficult”, and he cautiously elaborated on the situation.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

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