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Posted 9/10/11 , edited 9/11/11
Name: Kamiko ( 神 子 )
Age: 17
Power: she has power over wind
Species: angel
Description: Kamiko is princess of the heavens. she has a younger twin sister named Junko. (純 子) (the one big differnce between them is that Junko has purple hair, and Kamiko is blonde) there is war between the angels and the humans. Kamiko and Junko are the battle masters of the angel army, so they go to fight in the war. (they dont lead the war, but they do have a big say in the attacks)

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Posted 9/13/11 , edited 9/13/11
Name: Lena and Len
Age: both 13
Power: Lena the power of fire Len the power of darkness
Species: Both Fallen Angel
Description: Lena and Len are the best tricksters in the whole world! the prank Angels for fun. But they keep cool and look goth around other speices.
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