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Her eyes snap opened as they darted left to right. She pushed her body up into a sitting position to which it felt heavy. She stared down at her body to see what was holding her down but the second she did, she froze. Pushing backwards he back slammed against the head of the bed as she stared down at the older body. Her hand went straight up to her right eye, freaking out as she realize she couldn’t see through her eye. She opened her mouth, ready to let out a terrible scream, only to find that nothing came out. Then she remembered those eyes, many pair of eyes, the knives they used on her, her tears, her cries out for help and the blood. Clutching her head, she whispered in her mind, willing it to all disappear. Her eyes stared wide at the blue blanket that she was sitting on as she heard someone walk towards her. “I know you can hear me, but you don’t have to worry now, Amelia.” The girl called Amelia looked up and saw her. Well the girl she was, 10 year old girl with dull blonde hair and blue eyes. It was her...

She opened her mouth to speak but remember nothing happened when she try to speak. The girl smirked as she reach out with her hand and touched Amelia’s right cheek. “You created me from your memories and pushed all of your past memories into me. That is why you don’t remember a thing.” Amelia looked at the girl as she felt coldness from her touch. “You are in a broken body, you can’t speak nor can you see through your right eye. But you can talk using your mind into mine.” The girl said as she moved her hand to Amelia’s head. “I am you as you are me. But I am now Amelia as you are Alisa in that body.” Alisa shook her head as Amelia grinned, pointing at her with her finger just touching Alisa’s chest. You are Millie. Amelia now Mille smiled as she heard a voice within her mind. “Yes we must keep that part of our life a secret.” The door cracked opened as both girls turned to look at the door. “Miss Alisa-Sama, it’s time for the ceremony.” A blonde short hair male walked in. The gold chains rackle against his deep red jacket and white cape.

“Intruder!” The male yelled out as he was about to pull his sword out. Alisa hopped off the bed and wobble slightly as she stood on her new feet. Please wait, I know her. Alisa sent out, hoping that the man could hear her. “You do? Forgive me then Alisa-Sama.” He bowed as Alisa turned to Millie, hoping for answer but only got a smile. “Your Mother wanted to make sure you remember to agreeing to be there for the ritual.” Alisa stood there blinking as Millie looked up at Alisa with a funny look. “Your sister, Alisa-Sama she’s getting admitted to the church...” The male whispered, his sliver eyes staring at Alisa as he quietly waited. “Alisa, my dear move..” Millie said with a harsh whisper as Alisa walked up to the male. Okay, let’s go then... He blinked as he laughed but then quickly stopped. “Forgive me, Alisa-Sama your not dressed..” He said as another woman walked pass him into the room.

She was such a petite woman with shoulder length blond curled hair, her yellow eyes shinning with shock. “Lady Alisa-Sama, why are you in that dress?!” The woman shrieked as she turned to the male. “Adrain get lost! Lady Sasha-Sama must be bitching about where you are...” The blonde hair woman said as she scowled at the male who was called Adrain. “Oh hush Marie, just because you can’t control Alisa-Sama, doesn’t mean you need to bitch to me about my job.” Adrain said as he closed the door walking away, leaving with the woman called Marie twitched. “Bastard..” Marie whispered under her breath as she turned to Alisa. “My lady?” Marie asked as she stared at Alisa but then her eyes went to Millie who was smirking. “Oh god, your not...” Marie said as she started to shake.
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