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U-Know Yunho Oppa's Story Will Make You Cry! :(

I forever remembered at first watches the SM China concert time, behind DANA, that lovable youth, even if is only the dancing parter, has actually the ultra average man's inborn star's ray. Probably the stage all is he, all is because of him, only then had the existence significance.

Permits to make a debut vast has come the Chinese three times.

Each time, all is the dancing parter, and, only then at diamond time, only then has short 1 minute rap.

But third time, his on already took the entertainer, participated in concert final answering a curtain call.

Everybody did not know which these crazy supports the wholesale is from comes, perhaps their initial goal is Boa, Dana, Kangta, FTTS, but finally, turned actually, all does not know the name, probably can shine actually youth's bean or sweet potato starch noodles.
This kind, is called the inborn star.

Accidental sees the myth in China's backstage, and more accidental saw, a person has sat in quoin Zheng permits vast. At that time he tiny probably winks the eye to be able not to be able to find, the stature is small, appearance not outstanding. But even if like this, once he intruded your field of vision, lets the human also be unable actually to divert somebody's attention again.

Permits to say vast that, in SM he most grateful person is junjin, because junjin is loneliest in him, such warm has gripped his hand.

Today, my very difficult imagine at present this open and bright, formidable, amiable party chief, how has constrained. Perhaps all people all have received the similar pain on the growth road, but because is Zheng Yunhao, therefore we are unable that simple saying, this is worth, because we are unable to forget the innumerable night, which lives in him the place all are unable to settle, harbors how mood, static waiting daybreak.

In leg wound time said that, should lie down truly on the hospital bed person, is permits vast.
The prosperous jade-like stone said, he most respects the human is permits vast, because he is a genuine man.

The members said, if has not permitted vast, does not have the Eastern god to get up.

A person too is formidable, always can neglect the care.

Permits the vast hand when clamps the wound, after the immortal said, is clamped is fortunately permits vast is not Xiah, permits vast that strong, certainly cannot have the question.

But after he in order to does not let the immortal worry, at performance time even links bandage all not to entangle.
This time, I not clearly feel for others suddenly meaning.

Only is thought feels bad very much.

Individual is excessively dazzling, always can censure willfully by the human.

The victress, Jin Zhongguo for permitted vast is the shoelace. Therefore in the network blots out the sky scolding, said permits simply not to respect the senior vast. Permits the vast eye to hoodwink by the cloth, he simply did not know has had any.

When the lens flash past, I saw is, he behind Jin Zhongguo, deep bowing.

That is the lens very is all difficult according to the place which arrives.

Jin Zhongguo the back is treating him, on other human of faces is the revelry expression which has not given full expression. Only then he, has abandoned the child is been probably same, rebukes oneself to feel bad.

That is very little can in permit on the vast face to see, is injured expression.
Therefore is always unable to suppress to him felt loves dearly.

Because of a SM bastard reason, he captured has followed 19 years canine tooth. Traded us, anxious actually helpless tears. This kind of tooth life only then ten years, human's life only can trade 2 times.

After 20 years…When the stage already gradually was far away his time, when he gradually is already forgotten by the human, including most basic, the health, could not detain.

In is most serious, cannot sneak in the human including the liquid medicines.

Has the foot wound obviously, persisted actually completes the concert, finally does the human who the both feet ligament is cut off.

In does smiles in the program, earnest saying, you know, I love you very much the person.

Speech too quick time can emit the Kwangju dialect human.
Can at the busiest time telephones for the younger sister, only is actually said, feeds, I permit the vast person.

Every day first gets out of bed is called the member person. Evening can give the human who tucks in the quilt prettily.

In order to be indomitable spirit ideally has constrained the human.

Truly is worth we forever are loving the human.
(Wants to cry…)

Sorry, I don't have the English translation to the exact...
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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
sad.... sad as JJ's too...
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I DONT GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN?????????..
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