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Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/22/11
Moscow Empire was established 1 year after the war. After losing half of it's territory to Chinese military forces, the people of Russia entered a civil war that lasted 4 months. At the end, a new leader who proclaimed himself Emperor Yosev Kalaskavia and took power over Moscow. With the remaining forces, he launched an attack all around the world to secure natural resources and manpower in countries, who where far to weak to resist him. Other nations could not afford to enter in another war and had no choice to let let him go. In the last year, Yosev has spend most of his time reforming his military power and creating his own mobile suit. Moscow Empire pilots could be the best one of the world since they are all veteran of two wars.

You got to chose a division, you got 2 main choice.



I'll add more later so if you want to chance just tell me.


Character Name:
(military or civil)
Job: (choose one in the spoiler)
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