Black Oblivion
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Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/16/11
Heyy Guys! Good to know you've been chosen to be in the homeroom! Welcome to the family! Hope we'll expand more. We'll have a competition between homerooms every week/month so make sure you stay active.

Black Oblivion is for people who is violent but could truly hide their nature. Thats why its called what its called. Hope we could all be friends and be sure to invite people to join this group cause its cool yeah. xD

Im your homeroom leader,Airi If you got anything to ask,ask away. (:
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Posted 9/29/11 , edited 9/29/11
Yukino walks around looking for her homeroom.

"Black Oblivion, huh. Let's see... Ah, there it is."

She walks into the class. She sits down and sighs
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Posted 9/29/11 , edited 9/30/11
Robbie walks in with heads phones around his neck and he then takes a set in the back of the class.
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