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Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/16/11

Yoshitaka Yuriko, Kubozuka Yosuke, Suzuki Anne and AAA’s Nishijima Takahiro will join the cast of this highly anticipated movie adaptation "Himizu".

This will be Yoshitaka Yuriko’s second time appearing in a Sono Shion film. She commented, “I was able to participate in filming for one day but I was unable to grasp the atmosphere and direction of the entire set. But I would say that it will be a free and enthusiastic film, as if something gave way.”

‘Himizu’ is a serious youth manga by Furuya Minoru. It was first published in ‘Weekly Young Magazine‘ from 2001 to 2003 and was released in four volumes as a comic series. It follows protagonist Sumida Yuichi who stops attending school and starts searching for “bad guys” after he is involved in an incident. The movie will have some minor changes from the original manga. Sumida Yuichi’s classmates will be substituted as “free people” and will have some characters that do not appear in the manga.

This is Nishijima’s second time appearing in a Sono Shion film, following his starring role in ‘Ai no Mukidashi‘. He commented, “It’s the first time in a long time that I was able to taste the experience. It felt really good! I wish I could have been it more! I read the manga so I’m very excited about the finished product“. Kubozuka, who also has a history of being in a Sono film, commented, “Although I was involved in this film for a little bit, I had a lot of fun working with Sono director.” Suzuki also commented, “I was always blown away by Sono director’s films so I was very happy for the opportunity to participate this work“.

‘Himizu’ is set to be released in the spring 2012!

Source: mantan web
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