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Striped Carnation
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Part 11/2

. . Teito PV . .

Who does she think she is...

My heart was in a war with my mind, and I couldn’t feel grateful. Not even a little. It would have been better if I just died, then and there.

My shaking hand was up against the garden gate, I’d long forgotten how it felt like to go in there, with my girlfriend. But I still come here multiple times a day, thinking she’ll come back and forgive me. I’ve lied to her, I wasn’t completely honest with her in my past, and this is what I get for it.

The image of her staring at me in such shock, such disgust, her frantically running away from me. I squeezed the metal bars, falling down to my knees.

I was waiting for her at the regular meeting spot, on a bench inside of the garden. I’d kiss her, a fast kiss on the lips, but a lasting one. I was kind of shy about that. But she would smile afterward.

I looked around at the beautiful scenery before me while I waited for her, I let myself indulge in the many scents of each kind of flower.

I looked toward the gate.

She was late.

I sat there for a little while longer, day dreaming her waving silhouette running toward me.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I had finally gotten a girlfriend after so long... ever since Kindergarten, I never knew how to act around girls at all... I would always stutter, or say stupid things that made them avoid me for the rest of the year.

Maybe I was going crazy, but a pair of hands covered my eyes from behind, it had to be her.

“Sorry for the wait...”

To my shock, it wasn't her. It was a male voice, I jumped away as my heart did the same.

“I wasn’t waiting for you...!” I yelled, making sure to keep my distance.

“That’s cute, you guys make a cute couple.”

I frowned, I didn’t even want to ask how he knew. He knew everything. He hopped over the bench and was walking toward me slowly, almost as if to test me. Would I stay, just stand there, or would I run away from my Kindergarten crush?

“What kind of girlfriend is she, standing you up like this?”

I didn’t say anything, there was no need to reply. Just walk away from him... just walk away. I turn, start walking in a normal place, but with each footfall, I heard his, closer and closer to me.

“Leave me alone already, Nato!” I shouted angrily, pacing faster now. “Just leave me alone! I have a girlfriend now!”

My palms felt so sweaty, my head was pounding. Was I just angry at him? Or my past self?

I stopped, something I regret now for the rest of my life. “You didn’t even like me back then... you were just leading me on! You-”

I felt his hands tighten around my stomach, “That’s not true,” he whispered warmly in my ear- I shut my eyes to prevent any temptations taking over me.

“I get it. I really do. You have a girlfriend now, yeah, but that’s just your way of hiding your true nature. That you still have the hots for me.” A cry accidentally escaped when his hands rubbed up and down my chest.

I was pathetically trying to escape, but I don’t think I wanted to. “I know, I know, and it’s okay.” he’d whispered again in that sweet voice, resting his head on my shoulder...

Right at that moment, I pictured my girlfriend and her waving silhouette running toward me, only this time, she wasn’t waving, or running. She just stood there by the gate, and stared at us.
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more! more!
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authors note: SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING HERE! You see, I have this story in my story writing group, so I have to transer my writings from there to this forum.

(If you're interested in the group, its on my profile. ALSO, the last part I will post now is all I have written so far for Striped Carnation. Haven't written passed this.. Hope you guys enjoy until I update more! :D)
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Part 12

Hato encouraged me to 'get over it'. He said what was done- was done, and I shouldn't worry. But I couldn't help worrying.

Teito looked... so sad and troubled. But after that day, I never saw him again. Or her.

It's like they disappeared form the face of the earth.

I was in class again, bored out of my mind, holding my fist to my chin and looking out of the clear glass window.

It seemed like a dream, that day I saw Teito up there. I shot right up when I heard the class bell ring, class dismissed!

I bumped into a girl instantly. whom literally bumped into me and made everything in my hands fall over.

“O-oh I’m sorry...! I’ll pick everything up at once!” Her voice was really squeaky, which annoyed me a bit.

I blinked and looked up at her, she was fidgety and nervous looking, piling up my books and handing them to me. “...It’s fine, really. No trouble.” I told her cooly, helping her up and her eyes sparkled up at me,

“W-weren’t you on TV a month ago...?”

I tried to smile at her. It seems nobody would forget that day I became a 'hero.'

I shrugged, smiling in a nice way, and waving her off to my next class. That was random...

“What a weird girl.” I mumbled to myself.


The dark abandoned building provided no see-able light, except one who would dare venture in with a flashlight. Only someone brave would enter. It was all the rage a few years back, when someone had took a picture in front of it, and would see a ghost in the picture.

Till then, everybody thought it was haunted and stayed away. No one even remembered the abandoned building anymore. The residents simply stopped caring, and continued on with their peachy lives.

This is why I chose this location. It scares people off; and no one would dare go near it. It is the perfect plan.

“I did what you asked... now you have to fulfill your other side of the promise!” The same squeaky, high pitched voice from before.

She handed over the card.

“Ah. Just as I figured... she still kept the card all this time.”
Diabolically plotting my next move, I looked over at the corner my younger brother, Hato, was occupying. He didn't look too happy with what the next phase was.

“It's your turn now, brother.”

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