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Best and Worst of Summer 2011
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26 / M / UK
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/16/11

Top 3
1. Usagi Drop Slice of Life in it's most traditional form, didn't once dissapoint with it's take on an unorthodox parent-child situation
2. Dantalian No Shoka I love the episodic format and the characters, the ost and the background are great. I'm a sucker for the Voice-actors too.
3. Mawaru Penguindrum As much as Ringo is.. infuriating.. The show is still wierdly entertaining in it's absurditiy and it's shifting away from Ringo's Insanity and more towards well-rounded brother's insanity. So i'm looking forward to it's progress... what little I understand of it that is...

Middle Ground = [email protected], Ikoku Meiro no croisee

Bottom 3 (No Real Order)
1. Sacred Seven It's wasted a large amount of time on unneccesary things like the school background as opposed to the Sentai-esque rock-obssessed fighting scenes in a show that Sunrise can create and Animate well, It's a shame because it was greatly entertaining on a so-bad-it's-good scale but it's been let down by an incredibly rushed ending.
2. YuruYuri After the first episode and the director it had, it reminded me of Minami-ke's humour which was awesome.. Then it just devolved, the handful of jokes I found funny dissapeared along with one of the characters so I dropped it about halfway.
3. Kamisama no Memochou Meh, It's just meh. The first episode showed it had promise but just the main characters are just so dull, the side characters seem interesting and the backdrop is cool, but the main characters let it slip for me. Maybe i'm harsh on J.C Staff but i've been burned before.

Haven't included Blood-C, Kamisama Dolls, Mayo Chiki or Nekogami Yaoyorozu because I dropped them too early to form enough of an opinion on them.
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/16/11
I haven't been paying attention to many shows this summer... Actually, I've dropped many or put some on hold. Majority of the shows were meh and not too impressive.

Anyways the top two contenders for me - which are from the Spring season - are...

1. Steins;Gate - My favorite show of this season and past season. Very likeable characters but it's a shame that the "side" characters (Moeka, Feyris, Mr. Bruan. Nae, etc.) never had much of an appearance except in their respective arcs. Nontheless, the concept of the show is quite interesting and it simplifies time travel terms for simpletons to understand. The mood/tone in the show varied but those changes were actually not so bad. The humor really made me chuckle and the drama does get serious. Pacing may be slow but it pays off in the end. It's a very enjoyable show.

2. Tiger & Bunny - As cliche it was in the past few episodes, it has a bearing resemblance to American superheroes. This time around, it's a Japanese take on "American" superheroes. It's a fun and enjoyable show to watch - the action scenes are well animated and entertaining as well as the story. The humor and characters are done very well and are likeable.

Now if we were to count shows that are only from this season... Then Dantalian is my favorite because of the characters It's an episodic series so you can't expect much but it's well animated and still interesting enough. The mysteries aren't so much of mysteries but the show is quite interesting in the way things are shown. It reminds me a bit of Zatch Bell in using books as "weapons". Characters are loveable but sometimes their repetitive nature can repulse people away.
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29 / M / Raccoon City
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/16/11
Top 3:
Usagi Drop
Baka and Test S2

Mayo Chiki
The [email protected]
Kamisama Dolls
Sacred Seven
Moritasan wa Mukuchi

Bottom 3:
A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives
Nekogami Yaoyorozu
Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise

Haven't seen enough to properly rate or haven't finished watching: No.6, Ro-Kyu-Bu, Dantalian no Shoka, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation,

Will edit and include impression for each anime listed later.
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31 / M
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/16/11
From what I've watched on that list I guess mine would be this:

Top 3
1: Kamisama Dolls - It has a good story and characters. The animation and music are pretty good as well. Its pretty original overall and is my favorite new anime of this season.
2: Blood C - This anime starts off really slow and follows a pretty standard formula at first (go to school then kill monsters after school) but a greater conspiracy slowly unfolds through each episode of the anime. The action is bloody but pretty good.
3: Yuru Yuri - It reminds me of Lucky Star except instead of throwing in anime and game references it replaces it with yuri. This generally isn't the type of anime to be one of my favorites of the season but its been good in the comedy department and the characters are likeable and each have their own running gags.

If I included animes that have continued airing from previous seasons it would be like this:
1: Stein's; Gate
2. Nichijou
3. Kamisama Dolls

Others I've liked new from this season:
Nekogami Yaoyorozu - It reminds me of touhou a bit for some reason. It just kind of gives off the same feel in a way with all of the godly deities hanging out and goofing around. Its nothing too special overall but I've still enjoyed it.
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi - This started out pretty promising but unfortunately ended up riddled with cliches and some pointless fanservice. The main character is somewhat likeable but he too ends up suffering from the cliche of clueless protagonist syndrome. Its still okay but its nowhere near as good as it could have been.
Ikoku Meiro no Croisée - Its a pretty good slice of life anime and makes good use of its setting and characters. Yune is adorable and its nice watching her go around Paris and experiencing new things. My only 2 complaints with this anime is that it seems to have a very slow pace and it leaves some things out that were in the manga.
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! - Not as good as the first season in my opinion but its still had its funny moments. Theres too much drama near the end for my tastes as well.

Bottom 3
1: Manyuu Hikenchou - It has an absolute ridiculous plot and exists for the sole purpose of fanservice. I couldn't even make it a quarter of the way through the first episode before dropping it.
2: Dantalian no Shoka - Another anime that had a promising start but ended up being pretty disappointing. There is no coherent plot and each episode goes by more of a case by case basis. The problem with this is that not every case (or book I guess I should say) has an interesting story attached to it. Dalian seems like a major ripoff of Victorique except she gets no character development like the other main character Huey. The main characters have a rather weak presence in the anime for the most part.
3: Blade - Why does every vampire burst into flames upon 1 hit?

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32 / M / Over there
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/17/11
Top 3:
1: Usagi Drop - So very adorable and great story.
2: Yuru Yuri - Cute anime girls doing funny things. I`ve lol`d alot becaus of this.
3: Ro-Kyu-Bu! - I like lolis ok xD

In Between
Mayo Chiki - It was very nice before Konoe confessed, after that the anime has become more and more stupid :|
Suprises even me that I put this here, since I loved it before the confession.

Bottom 3:
1: R-15 - OMG such an annoying censoring, though it would be shit even without the censoring :P
2: Nekogami Yaoyorozu - Randomness can be good, but they didn`t do a good job with it in this one. So boring to watch.
3: Ikoku Meiro no Croisée - too slow paced for me, even though there`s a cute loli in it
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30 / M / Fargo, North Dakota
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/17/11
1. Steins;Gate Best anime in awhile just overall awesome
2.Penguindrum great new anime that isnt quite like the rest
3.Usagi Drop cute as hell even though the ending is bizarro land type quality

1.Blood C slow and painfully stupid, SO immensely different than blood+ or blood the last vampire it is its own piece of garbage.
2.Sacred Seven about as mediocre as any anime i have seen in awhile
3.R-15 about in the same boat as sacred except it actually is some what original tho still not very good.

havent watched most of the other series so im sure it would be different, like yuri yuri, cat god, and like 5 other shows
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38 / M / Shahi City
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/17/11
Top 3:
1. Natsume Yuujinchou San - Think the first two seasons were better but it is still fantastic. 9/10
2. No.6 - Did an amazing job of keeping my interest from start to finish. That in and of itself is no small feat. The characters were great, setting (inside and out of the city) was great, etc. Would probably be my favorite overall if it didn't suffer from the same fate a lot of 11 episode shows do, not being fleshed out enough. Just one more episode, or better yet two, and it probably would have been perfect. Still, loved it enough to buy it soon as it comes out which is saying a lot considering how cheap I am. 9/10
3. Ikoku Meiro no Croisée - Really strange. It's slow without a doubt which would usually drive me crazy but loved it anyway. For some reason it just worked. Don't really know why. 9/10

Bottom 3:
1. R-15 - Was fine at first but really started hating it about half way though. Don't know if it really got worse at that point or I just had enough. Was, in my opinion, seriously stupid. A school full of gifted people that seemed anything but most of the time. Got old after a while. Was pretty obvious from the first episode that it was just going to be a crappy gag show so don't know what I expected. Was at least mildly amusing for a while, which is why I kept watching, but after a point I just wanted it to end. 5/10
2. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi - Never really bad but never good either. As middle of the road as it gets which is to be expected since I failed to ever see anything even remotely original about it. It was like someone threw parts of a bunch of different things already done together and this was the result. 6/10
3. Dantalian no Shoka - Wildly inconsistent. Some of the stories were great and interesting. Others were seriously bland and tired. 7/10

Really didn't like Blood-C but only watched the first episode so can't really add it.

Kamisama no Memochou - Really close to being top 3 but falling just a little shy. All the basic elements of plot, setting, characters and the like is great. Like No.6 it did a really good job of catching my interesting from the start and holding it. 9/10
Kamisama Dolls - Not the most interesting show in the world, story wise, but overall find it really entertaining. Actually does a good job of holding my interest, most of the time. Like most of the characters and despite that fact that it has a pretty generic supernatural feel to it the elements involved seem good. 8/10
Uta no Prince Sama - Never really expected to like it but it's so absurd that, at least at times, it's incredibly funny. 7/10
Sacred Seven - What can I say? Despite the extremely generic magical boy type thing going on the show itself is still pretty entertaining. Don't see myself watching it again and again or anything but it's a fun watch. 7/10

Don't know if I really have much to say about others beside that. Didn't get past the first episode with some like Blood-C and Usagi Drop. Others, like The [email protected], I haven't watched enough of yet to say either way.
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29 / F / Wisconsin
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/17/11
Top 3: (Not really in order)

Uta No Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% Finally a new reverse harem and its about music so it made things more interesting and I always look forward to each episode (One of the characters is my avatar)

No.6 though a lot of complaints about it I found it quite enjoyable and wished it was more than 11 episodes but overall it was good.

Usagi Drop it was very cute and had very touching moments If it ever comes out on dvd i would definitely pick it up

Bottom 3:

Kamisama Dolls Its just okay nothing spectacular or anything I'm still watching it just probably would never recommend it.

Blood-C Normally I love works by Clamp but this one is the exception I didn't like this version of Saya she was too whimpy and useless(I mean people were getting killed in front of her and she stood there) and the episodes were getting repetitive first half she went to school than second half fought monsters I dropped it after episode 9 i couldn't take it anymore. so you can't say i didnt give it a chance

A Dark Rabbit has Nine Lives this anime just doesn't appeal to me anymore it was promising at first then I just got bored of it and dropped it at episode 9

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26 / M
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/29/11
There were a fair few good series this season, but it also had more bad series than usual.

Edit: Revised some series downward.

1. Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou - This season really does justice to the manga.
2. Usagi Drop - I don't think this needs an explanation.

3. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni - The first season was my second favourite anime of 2010, but this season is lacking.
4. Mawaru Penguindrum - I love this style of series. I'm sure it'll be great in the second half.

5. Kamisama no Memochou - Interesting mysteries with great characters.
6. Natsume Yuujinchou San - Another series that is no where near as good as the previous season (2nd).

7. No.6 - It had a very interesting setup, but the pacing in the middle of the series was off and the ending was terrible.
8. Blood-C - It's getting a lot of hate, but I have to say I'm a fan of slow paced mysteries.
9. Double J - Am I the only one who is enjoying all these DLE flash series?
10. Sacred Seven - Entertaining
11. Carnival Phantasm - Quite entertaining even if I only get half of the jokes.

12. Kamisama Dolls - The flashbacks episodes are good, the rest is average.
13. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi - Interesting yet poorly made.
14. Mayo Chiki! - Completely generic but well made and entertaining. It did however get worse as the series progressed.
15. Yuru Yuri - Yuriyurarararayuruyuri
16. Kaitou Tenshin Twin Angel - It tries to be like Milky Holmes, and that's a good thing.
17. Morita-san wa Mukuchi - I do like all these short series.
18. Copihan - I do like all these short series.
19. Uta no Prince-sama - Some of the music is actually good.
20. Blade - Like always these marvel series are getting undeserved hate. They aren't good but they aren't that bad either.
21. Nyanpire - I didn't think I would like it, but every second episode is nice.
22. Dantalian no Shoka - The story isn't bad but both the main characters are annoying.

23. Appleseed XIII - A strange series that I have not seen enough of to rank accurately.
24. Manyuu Hikenchou - Stupid but at least it's a little entertaining
25. Ro-Kyu-Bu! - I find it quite disturbing that people actually enjoy this series.
26. R-15 - Poorly made ecchi harem with bad characters. Can be entertaining at times...
27. Ikoku Meiro no Croisee - I usually like slow paced series but this one just doesn't give off the same feel as most do.

28. The [email protected] - Has too many characters to do anything worthwhile, and of those there is only 1 that I like.
29. Nekogami Yaoyorozu - So boring
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27 / M / Dallas
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/17/11
From the summer season...

Kamisama Dolls
Yuru Yuri
A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives (honestly, this show is one of my guilty pleasures...)

No. 6 (it was the only summer show that seems to have ended, and well, it was good at first, but then ended terribly, so the hell with it!)
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20 / F
Posted 9/16/11 , edited 9/17/11
i was having asian country issues so i couldn't watch much of the summer 2011 season.
TOP 3:
2. Natsume Yujincho
3. Kamisama no Memo-cho

Bottom ...1....:
Yuru Yuri

...yeah i missed most of the season...
Posted 9/17/11 , edited 9/17/11

corsair857 wrote:

1. Steins;Gate Best anime in awhile just overall awesome
2.Penguindrum great new anime that isnt quite like the rest
3.Usagi Drop cute as hell even though the ending is bizarro land type quality

1.Blood C slow and painfully stupid, SO immensely different than blood+ or blood the last vampire it is its own piece of garbage.
2.Sacred Seven about as mediocre as any anime i have seen in awhile
3.R-15 about in the same boat as sacred except it actually is some what original tho still not very good.

havent watched most of the other series so im sure it would be different, like yuri yuri, cat god, and like 5 other shows

This is basically what I was about to say. Totally agree.
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from the South Bay
Posted 9/17/11 , edited 9/17/11
Summer Release 2011
Top 3
1. Usagi Drop - this anime has great animation,story ,characters and it makes me feel good.

2. Natsume Yujincho San- a third sequel , I love this genre, I love the animation and the characters, I like how this one concentrated on Natsume and his relationship with his friends and foster parent.

3. Nurarhiyon No Mago Sennen Makyou
- even though this was a sequel and they messed up episode 1 and 2 and the fighting sequence is not animated well ,overall its a pretty good anime from a really good manga

In the MIddle:
1. Kamisama no Memo
- I actually like this NEET version, lots of different characters, they try to make it an ensemble but only concentrated on one character too much.
2.. No.6
- intriguing , well animated, complicated relationships,BL moments that I think was unnecessary ...It only got me confused.
3. :. Sacred Seven
- well animated, really hate the direction what a waste... the end it actually is pretty good.Really bad direction.
4. Kamisama Dolls -
- interesting story but I wish they explain more why that town, good animation, but some annoying character, lots of cliche.
5. Penguidrum
- I like the style, very good animation ,story is interesting but it got abit too weird for me.
6 .Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi - really bad animation, story is not bad
7. Uta no Prince...tried so hard , i like all the guys...

Bottom of the Fall
- I actually watched all the first episode of the entire Fall anime, so if episode 1 doesn't interest me I don't watch it but I have a strong feeling for some and these are they.

1. Blood C
- I was engaged at first , was patient to see which direction they are going but up until episode 8 , I said I cant handle this anymore, they made the main character too stupid for as a slayer .No depth in character.

2. Nekogami - Boring, I even said what the heck is this anime all about anyway...
3 R-15
- I just couldn't finish the first episode, something in it doesn't agree with me.

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28 / M / Slovakia
Posted 9/17/11 , edited 9/17/11
Top 3 (with explanation)
1. Usagi Drop
2. Sacred Seven

Bottom 3 (with explanation)
1. Blood-C

I didn't see others.
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26 / F
Posted 9/17/11 , edited 9/17/11
I don't watch as much anime as before. I just watch those with interesting plots when the summer line-up is announced since I've been disappointed with most animes lately. (Some are carry-overs from the Spring line-up)

Top 3
1-Natsume Yuujin-chou San- Great comeback after the second season. The plot is more interesting. I like how they focus on Natsume's relationships and his decision choosing youkais and humans. Plus the OP is also really good.
2- Nurarhiyon no Mago Sennen Makyou- Finally the plot is moving. I was so bored with the slow pace but now we get to see the action. Although I have to admit there are plot holes.
3- Usagi Drop- Very refreshing and calming series. I love Rin's voice, it's so adorable. I read the manga since I loved the show too much but I got horrified with the ending. So whenever I watch I can't believe that's what's going to happen...... I love how Daikichi struggles with parenting and how he admits learning more from her

Bottom 3
1- Hanasaku Iroha- Great series that turned out so bland. I hate how they focus on random things to develop the characters. It doesn't that connect together that well. They focus too much on the side characters. I wish there were more Ohana and Satsuki and Ko moments.
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