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September 17th, the rebirth of Democracy
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Posted 10/2/11 , edited 10/3/11

Hmm so what then?? capitalism sounds good on paper like most ideas, however it's man with greed that ruin it. We would not have prospered with computers or electronics in general with out it.. however the system is broken. The goal in mind used to be if the company prosper you did as well it's not that way anymore nor hasn't been that way for 40 or more years. The people in charge don't give a shit about you, your health or your life. All they care about is wanting to work until you drop, give you shit health care and if you die oh well your expandable "now i am being cynical". Actually it's really simple to stop all of this "greed" stop buying useless shit that you don't need. Stop wasting your god damn money on shit that is a luxury not a necessity.

. Now I am not saying don't treat yourself every now and then "I do buy used if possible", what I am trying to say is don't rush out and buy a new computer every year or stand inline for the new iPhone when the one you have works just fine. I might be a dying breed, however the that I was raised is to use something until it breaks or no longer works/can not be repaired. I had the same damn tv for 16 years of my life and got a flat screen when I replaced it. You want the circle jerks to stop on wal-street, do this.

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