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Posted 9/17/11 , edited 9/17/11
I found some really good spoilers for any one who would like spoilers for this series! Some of these spoilers will not be revealed in the anime. Here they are. If you have some spoilers too, please share!

Tatio Kurogane

To learn more about Dark Rabbit, go to mangafox. Type Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. Find the forum that says "What's Haruka's role in the story.( If you can't find it, go to "go to forum" at the top right corner of the forums and scroll down till you find it.) Then scroll down toward the bottom of the second page of that forum and find the 2 spoiler tabs. Above the spoiler tabs it will say "by Larethian."

Haruka Shigure

Izumi Aomi

To learn more about the rest of the characters: type in the URL. Go over the character tab and click either male or female. You can click on "list of characters". But it won't give you much info. Whereas if you click either male or female, it will give you a lot of info.

Yūichi Philier Cross

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