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Posted 9/17/11 , edited 9/18/11
OK I know from watching shows like "The World God Only Knows" that anime, especially anime based of of galge games are supposed to have set rules on what is allowed to happen and what you can and can't get away with in order for the show to be successful with it's core audience. But c'mon, innovation is important too. And everybody agrees on how clever the first episode was handled and all. So why not continue on that path?

This show has top notch production values and it looks like even thought many, if not all the character types are tried and true stock types we've seen before in other shows, it looks like the producers of the show put some effort into them and they seem to work well. This show DESERVES a plot with just a little more "Umph" to it to bring it up from just an average otaku targeted show with above average animation, to a truly great show that takes this genre to the next level.

Not asking for ground breaking or super heavy plot lines that provoke a lot of soul searching. But in just the past few episodes there has been so much potential for this show to go so many places plot wise. In episode 6, the formation of the new music trio where they have one of the twins in it, but not the other....there's just so much they can work with right there alone. And episode 7 where they show a bit of Yayoi's home life and relationship with her younger siblings and a bit more about Iori's home situation as well....probably the best episode yet.

Maybe I'm asking for too much too soon, but wanted to know what others thought about this shows potential and what they'd like to see out of it.
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