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Posted 9/20/11 , edited 9/20/11
Hello everyone. I have a dilemma. I just started in a japanese class with a dear friend of mine. She came up with the idea that we would get together on thursday. The idea was to cook some japanese food, and then later watch a japanese film.

I was put on the task of getting hold of a good film but i dont know of many....

So thats why i ask you! What movie should we watch? Maybe a romantic drama would be perfect. or a Japanese horror movie or something. Do you guys know of any good ones?

thanks in advance for any help.
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Posted 9/21/11 , edited 9/21/11
Unsurprisingly, my recommendations are going to be live action adaptations of anime/manga.
A good romantic one is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
My horror/thriller recommendations are Death Note or Battle Royale.
Of course, you could always play it safe and go with a Kurosawa film.
Posted 9/21/11 , edited 9/21/11
Please note that personal threads are not allowed. You can check out the recommendation thread for anime if you want to get some ideas.

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