The Alley Girl
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Posted 9/21/11 , edited 9/22/11
In the darkest alley in the back of old a building lie a young girl name Niki. She was the type of girl who fun, outgoing, smart but now all that went down hill. At the age of 16 she had a messed up life where her family was apart her father always beat and rape her everyday of her life, when she finally had enough she ran away from home.

(i would like for a boy to come rp with me with this story)

She awakes from a nightmare lying on a dirty, smelly old bed. Sweating she wipe her forehead letting out a deep breath. She lied there looking up at the night sky trying to tune out the passing cars, thoughts came to mind 'would anyone come save me?' 'am i not good enough?' Warm tears rolled down her cheeks cooling as they fall. To deep into thought she never notice two men was watching her, eyeing her every move standing like to body grads waiting for a singer to come off stage. At the coner of her eye she finally notice them without thinking she jumped up backing falling over her own feet she got her blance and took off as if she was in a race. Her heart began to race as she hear the two men chase her down the alley yelling after her. "HEY LITTLE GIRL STOP WE ONLY WANT TO TALK!" Tears shot out her eyes knowing they was lying to her, she knew they want to have sex with her, they knew she was going to be killed aftheward, the thought of that made Niki panic even more. "COME ON BABY WE WONT HURT YOU!" They laughed. Sick minded perverts she ran faster running around a coner where she came to a dead end. "Shit. God no!" She yelled. Looking for a way out....soon come to show the only way out was the way she came. "There you are you stupid bitch!" they shouted. Niki backed up into a wall they stepped closer, she looked up at the sky one last time knowing her life was about to end she prayed please someone..come help me! save me from these men...please god send someone a strong men......please! She looked down they step closer grinning ear to ear eyeing her body like the darkest alley in the back of old building, passing cars zoomed by, Nikki let out a horrifying yell. 'AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" The men rip her clothes off showing her naked body she fall to the ground, cold . "Now for some fun" they laughed like they heard a funny joke. She let out another yell "Ahhhhhh!!" she closed her eyes when she heard a deep voice "Leave her alone!" Both men turned quickly...There she saw the man she prayed for, god answered her a smile came across her face. "You cant have her!" One of the men took a bat to her head Nikki went down hard she lied there bleeding watching them fight her body was getting cold blood covered her face she was happy ready to die but at least she wasn't rape by them. Darkness began to come in view she couldnt hold on much longer the two men fell to the ground, the man with dark black hair walked over to her...Nikki blacked out.

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Posted 9/22/11 , edited 9/22/11
There are role playing groups for this.

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