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Posted 9/22/11 , edited 9/23/11
All nation leader will be moderator:
Your role will be to governe your cuntry both on earth and space via polotic or milatary meens.
YOu got a total control over all player that join you nation but be moderate plz its still a rp game.
You will have to dispatch troop spend you nation incom be sure you have enough resource and military strenght.
For the groupe you will have to watch over the member of your nation and do the proper change

THEY WILL ONLY BE 6 LEADER and at eatch 3month you will have to hold election vs any one that want your place and its gonna be the member your nation that will ellect you.

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NOTE: (For moscow empire and FTN who are military ruler or king, take it as if it was a rebelion and you lost the fight if some one is elected at your place)
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