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Posted 9/23/11 , edited 9/24/11

First of all, Welcome to Ame Hime Creation (AHC) w/c is a revived group of Kiss and Tell Productions!! If you're willing to apply to be a moderator in this group you've come to the right page. If you're going to apply as a moderator, you should be active enough and don't forgot to smile in your customers. BE POLITE!

Rules for Designers

1.) First of all, you should use programs like PS, GIMP, Photoscape. . .etc. But make sure you don't use picture editor like picnik, lunapic, photobucket and others w/c is used in internet.
2.) You should be creative enough and have experience in editing. Like 1 month of editing picture. Well if you're good enough in ur first day then U sure are Accepted.
3.) You should be active everyday and knows how to help others. If you're going to be in HIATUS MODE, juz PM me so i'll know.
4.) Don't forget to invite your buddies.
5.) If you do not receive any QUOTES from ME, it means that u're not accepted. Srry if u think i'm being rude, i juz want those who are experience enough so that we can meet the expectations of the requesters. You can come back if you know that u're good enough. And APPLY NOW if u think that u are deserving to become one of the moderators.

Rules for Messenger

1.) Messenger are the ones who send PMs to other members of this group. For example, if there are new contests, new happenings, or anything new from our group. You should be the one to send them.
2.) You should have PATIENCE. Becuz u're the one who'll be sending off messages to all the members of AHC.
3.) Be active so that u'll know all the happenings in this group.
4.) Invite ur buddies.


Job: [Designer/Messenger]
Status: (ahaha juz joking, don't fill this up)
Sample works: [for designers, at least 3 works]
Do u love this group? (is it in ur fave. group?)
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