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Characters: (More will be revealed when the character's introduce themselves to the story!)

Yuuki: She stands at a height of 5'6, weighing 121 pounds. She wears clothes that are modest and covers up most of her body. Her hair is a brownish crimson color and her hazel eyes somewhat sparkle with experience. She mostly wears long sleeved traveler shirts, a spandex material that reaches down to her mid thigh, and shorts that reach to her high thigh. Over the top of it she wears a black cape that has a hood on top to cover her face from people's wandering eyes. Over her legs over high socks that go to her high knee and black traveler boots that stay at her ankles.

Yuuki is a wanderer of the lands between the North, South, East and West. Through her travels, she has received the name of Miko-no-Hime, the defender of Ivalice, and the mercenary of justice. Even though she is seventeen, Yuuki has a reason why she is such a person. On her last birthday, she ran away from her heritage and home to not become what fate may have forced her into... The throne. She is the future Queen of the Kingdom Ivalice, but when she ran away from the castle, the lands went into chaos looking for her. That was when the demons started to attack, thinking that when one of the kingdoms fall, they'll all fall, and that is where our story begins....

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unfortunely you didn't highlight your chemistry reference, so we can't accept this as an entry for the contest... Kepp writing tho!! ~Duster
(By The Way: If you are wondering why it's from a different person, I'll explain. You see, I was on my brother's account on accident because he never logs out, and being me I was oblivious to that simple fact and posted... [I just got home and started typing this afternoon til now... >.<; ] so I'm sorry for the mix-up. The story is by me, Sango-chan, not my brother, roleplayfever. Thank you!)

Chapter One: The Beginning of The Bloodshed

Rain poured down as an ancient face appeared from the shadows. The person watched from his place as people scattered around looking for shelter. His twisted smile corrupted his face as he turned around to face some demon servants. With cold words of malice he spoke out, "Kill them all. Spare none." Words echoing in the winds now, the demons swarmed out of the castle to the nearby village. Rain began to cascade down, the screams of many agonized innocents pierced through the sky. Watching, the man kept his sickening stare and soon walked away. Humans meant nothing to him, and he knew to them, whenever they heard the name 'Akram, the Demon Lord' they would cower in their boots. That was who he was, and wasn't afraid to decimate millions to reach his goal and that was to be on the same level as god.

This is the tale of the six sages and the cursed beings known as The Forsaken...

As the day began to get brighter, I squinted my eyes as I sat on top of a traveling cart. It was good transportation around the kingdom from what I thought, and it also kept me away from the people's wandering eyes. To many, I am known as Miko-No-Hime, the defender of Ivalice, a proud warrior ready to die for my people, but my real identity would shock so many.

In reality, I was/am Yuuki, the princess and the heir to the throne. This meant that I would have no freedoms after I would have turned eighteen, but before I turned seventeen, I had decided to run away. The result? I became the defender of the lands. Fighting the demons and saving the innocents... that was my job. I had found it hard to make up a name for myself at the beginning, but instead of me picking out a name for myself, the people chose it for me.

"Miko-no-Hime, we're almost at the riverside." Came the man up front. I looked back at him and smiled. "Alright, thank you kind sir for going out of your way to help a selfish being like myself." When the man heard me say those kind words, he shook his head and told me straight forward. "No Miko, you are a wonderful, selfless person who has helped us when the demons attacked. If it weren't for you and your magic powers, we would all be dead." I couldn't help but feel my smile brighten. I was after all a selfish person at heart. To not want to govern my own people at the castle in Ivalice. I couldn't help but feel sorry for everyone that I pass. Not because of the status differences or even class, but of how much they were suffering... I could have been in the castle eating delectables while my people would have suffered. No, I couldn't let this go on anymore... I couldn't live a life where I was healthy and my people weren't. I would rather die then see them so. I turned my attention back onto the bumpy dirt road before sighing out.

"Thank you kind sir, your words melt my cold selfishness away." He nodded and continued on with his driving south, while I just waited patiently for my next stop. The wagon bumped a little as the wheels bounced over the rocks and stones on the ground. I could tell that I was getting close to the river. The roads seemed all to familiar to me from when I traveled to the next country in the north. The trees were more bent to a crouching stature and the branches held so many leaves and flowers. It was especially beautiful when it was dark out with fire lights and candles. When the wagon finally stopped, I jumped off and walked to the front where the man and the two horses stood. They neyed as I patted them on their heads. I cocked my head to the side then, and looked at the driver sitting, who was apparently appraising me, and I smiled at him. With my right hand, I petted the horse on the right, and with my free left hand, I pulled out my last four gold coins. "Thank you for the ride, you can have this." With that, he gratefully accepted it from my hands and he set off for the town in the north.

As I watched him disappear over the distance, I could feel my smile turning into a frown. Apparently I couldn't stop thinking about the poverty of my people, or of how bad rural life could be for some people, especially for people like him, I could have offered him anything, and I only give him money. It may have been a lot but it didn't matter who had more money... Not in the society that the world resides in. Money will always be spent, but what about the lives' of people? Were they expendable? Shouldn't the people value their lives more than money? I couldn't comprehend why humans are like this, but then again... that is the society we all live in: humans, animals, AND demons a like.

Making her way under the peach tree, I knelled onto my knees, on the dirt and rocks and stared at the tree before me that appeared to have been guarding the river with its cool branches. I patted the old bark with a gentle touch and it seemed to approve of me as the wind rustled the leaves gracefully over my head. I felt myself starting to faze out of reality, I couldn't help but feel lulled to sleep by the fact that the tranquility of this place was so magnificent. The feel of peace reigned supreme on this piece of agriculture and it made me happy. But as the peace came, so did it's conflict.

In the river, I noticed something floating with the current in the distance. A carriage with two dead horses came floating past me, along with the driver, whom had given me to ride here... I looked up at the sun, and soon realized that half the day had gone by since my stop here. The Red like ooze soon flooded the clear liquid water and more carnage came downstream. Bodies floated down to where I stood and I started gag as the stench of dead bodies flowed into my olfactory system.

Recovering from my mental shock, I ran besides the river to follow the bloodied water up north. I remembered the kingdom bordering the lines of the demon lands, but I had never thought that it would be attacked so soon. I had remembered what the king from those lands said, 'Don't worry about our lands Miko-no-Hime, our soldiers are the best and we've fended off the demons for a long time now, you don't need to worry about our problems. Protect your own lands.' With those words distancing itself from my mind now, I suddenly felt a horrible pang of regret. I should have helped them, I should have stayed.

As time took its course, I finally reached the kingdom before nightfall. The sun was leaving this side of the world to light the next day for the other world, and I heaved a breathed in and out for my heart to stop it's thumping. I reached the gates of the town itself, and I felt like I had stepped into a massacre. Hundreds of dead and filthy demons laid at the foot of the many homes and stores. What had been a peaceful, warm place had turned into a cemetery. Cautiously, I began to look around to see if there were any survivors. No one, not one single person. All were slaughtered from the onslaught. "This... is horrible..." I responded finally, covering my mouth in a feeble attempt to not gag up my breakfast. I felt so many emotions course through my soul as I stared aimlessly at the bloodied soil of this beautiful country. Anger, such a strong emotion that clouded my judgments. Regret, I felt like a nobody not being able to protect my people, even those who don't live within my borders, and finally mourning. I wanted to bury the dead and lay flowers on their graves. I wanted to stop the useless war between what was right and what was wrong and stop everything.

Just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse, something moved behind me in my peripheral vision. Turning around, I grabbed my sword's hilt and pulled on it. I panicked slightly and swung in front of me. My emotions were to whacked out to actually attempt a fight, much less save myself. Though something was odd, it wasn't that the aura I felt was like any demons', but it was different from everything I had felt in the land itself. Pulling myself together, I tightened my grip on my sword's hilt, and could feel time go by slowly. It was as if the world stopped and then it started back again. Just that second my cape was snagged by someone's grasp and I tumbled backwards in shock onto the ground. I didn't scream, or cry for help yet, but pathetically, I closed my eyes tightly, and dropped my sword to resist the new weight on top of me. "Let go of me!" I shrieked when I came back to my senses and started to claw at the object above me.

"Stop! You're hurting me!" Came a strong male voice from above. I obeyed his order, and I squinted my eyes open to reveal a young boy of about nineteen, he had a strong aura around him, but he had the aura of gentleness instead of the typical violent, death, victory feeling. The seventeen year old paused, not sure if he was friend or foe, but then realized that I was underneath him.

"Let go of me! This isn't the place to fight, I'm not going to hurt you." I exclaimed in chagrin at the position we were both in and tried to get him to let go of me. "Why'd you have your sword out then?" Pausing, I didn't know how to answer that, if I didn't know what I was up against, then I probably shouldn't of pulled my sword in the first place. "I'm sorry," I stammered out an apology, still blushing like mad under him. "I thought you were one of the remaining demons, but you aren't, so if you please, can you get off?" And with that he quickly got up and gently grabbed my wrists to pull me up with him. When I was balanced on both my feet he went to my dropped sword and picked it up for me. "Ladies like yourself shouldn't even wield weaponry, why are you here? This should be under investigation of the guard, you look like an ordinary girl who just happened to be journeying into the area." I couldn't find any way to tell him who I was, I just stood their completely oblivious to his ranting and I felt my eye brow quark into a funny scowl like expression. How dare he, whom is just like me and not a guard, be here and lecture me about being here. "How dare you say that to me, I have protected these lands from demons for a while, I think I am well qualified to search this area."

The boy didn't seem fazed by my explanation which frustrated me further and just went to grab my wrist. Pulling me to keep up with his pace, I felt him trudge forward to the entrance of the kingdom. "You have no right to investigate a case of demon onslaught unless you yourself lost your kingdom... And I doubt that because you seem to come from the kingdom known as Ivalice, which is still alive, so I'm taking you back before anymore demons come into the area and think fresh meat." I dug my feet into the ground and refused to budge, I couldn't go back there, not without revealing who I actually was. If I were to go back there now, I'm screwed, but this guy isn't a wuss either, he could use his strength to drag me there if he had to. That was when I decided I didn't like this guy, he was a jerk, but then again, he was a caring person to want me to be safe in my own kingdom... even if it revealed who I was, but; "I'm not going back! I came to investigate and that's that!" I yelled out obnoxiously, and I quickly covered my mouth with my free left hand. My voice seemed to echo as it roared into the distant air followed by my curses of bad luck.

Just as my voice disappeared demon roars could be heard all around the area. The man and I both stood quietly, watching as fifty or more demons began to wake from their slumber. "Now you done it!" He yelled at me and pulled out his own sword with his free left hand. It was long and broad, and it also looked like he had used it for a very long time. I followed his example, turning so that my back was facing his back, and my sword drawn within my right. 'Why did I shout, why did I do something so stupid! I've endangered us both!' And with that thought echoing in my own ears, demons began to appear around us.

It looked like we were in a tough spot, not knowing how or what we could do to escape, much less live without a scratch alive. Over hundreds of demons flocked around us as time went on, they were all thinking exactly what the young man had said before. Fresh Meat. As they all assembled together, the ground shook and a dark aura lifted into the sky. A man with a dark eye patch appeared. He had long black hair tied into a loose ponytail, with a black mustache and a black goatee. He stayed hovering in the sky as he looked at the both of us with crossed arms. His armor clicked when he ever moved so slightly, but he stared at us with his inhumane colored eyes. They were a deep emerald color that seem to magnify his lust for power and blood... something that didn't make me or the male besides me feel better.

"Why are you on demon lands?" He replied to us expecting a logical answer before killing us, all the while, the demons behind him were yipping and yapping about eating us now, and asking questions later, but the general silenced them. I felt fear as the man's aura started to overrule my own.
I was about to speak when the man who had insulted me many times spoke instead. "Real sorry about that sir, we were checking out the kingdom you... conquered and we wanted to find out if there were any survivors... I'm guessing from your wonderful band of demons, you picked them all off for breakfast, lunch and dinner." The general didn't seem to pleased with his remark and ignored him, and turned his attention to quiet, little me, and sadly the general couldn't help but smirk. "You must be Miko-no-hime, the name doesn't quite suit you, does it?" Again, I felt my eye brow twitch into that scowl expression, but remained silent. Maybe that would keep me alive longer, keeping quiet. I guess what they say is true, Silence is Golden, only if I was golden. Her companion on the other hand, looked at me trying to see how I could be the Miko-no-Hime. The gossip that seemed to be heard from all around, and I could see the skepticism in his face too. He and the Demons thought that I was a joke. This was going to be sad when I save the day, I thought to myself and went into a defensive stance. The male behind me followed suite and tightened his grip.

The general smirked at the two before turning around. A dark aura coming around him as he spoke to the followers. "Do as you please." With that he left and the demons all hackled in joy. Gripping my sword tighter, I could feel the pressure of all the oppressing auras around me, and the bad feeling that I was receiving. This is the end, I was happy to have reached seventeen, and I was going to die with a strange boy only because of my idiocies. This was going to be lovely if we made it out alive. "Get ready." Came the boy's reply, which made me relax and look at him. He didn't seem worried about the demon raid at all. Surprise overcame me once more as I studied the boy behind me but as the demons finally lunged at us, I started to pay attention and swung forward and outside. One demon fell to my left, another to my right. Jumping forward, I started to dance with my sword and I sort of fell into a dance-like-trance.

My sword met with my enemy as I breathed in and out slowly. The world was nothing but a spinning top to me now, until ne demon lashed through my defense and made me loose balance, falling down on the dirt, I raised my arm in reaction to the lunge that was about to hit me, and before the world died before me, the male who had been fighting his own stash of demons came through and killed the demon in front of me. Standing in front, he positioned himself so that I wasn't in much danger for the time being. The dance of battle ended for the time being and the remaining demons surrounded us once more.

Exhilaration pulsed a million times through my nervous nerves as I got up from the ground. My black cape was cut up from my dance along with my socks that reached my knees. They were slightly cut with scratches and bruises. Something that she always expected from battle, but my traveling shorts had been torn from the bottom cuff of the legging to the crouch. Something not easily done, but I was doing everything so fast that anything was possible. My hair which was in a bun had turned into a messy ponytail as the moonlight glistened off of my sweat rolling off of my face. I could feel my eyes gleaming with adrenaline and my body shake from the shook that so many demons were destroyed by two mere teenagers.

“Concentrate.” The boy in front of me said and I nodded in agreement. The second round was about to begin. The demons in front of the boy attacked first and he jumped into the air magnificently, and landed perfectly behind me, getting rid of the demons that were about to attack me, and I, in response to his jump glided forward with my sword in hand and swung diligently to rid us of the frontal attack. As we were pushed together by the overpowering demons, the male used his free hand grab hold of my waist and make me to a high back flip out of the circle, leaving him in there. After landing on my feet, I recovered from the shock of being so easily thrown and charged forward to help him. If he thought that I was going to be a burden for him, he was going to be sorry... but I was worried about him for some strange reason. Watching him for a second, I noticed that he seemed to do better, and he swung his long sword at the batch of demon fighting over five at a time, it seemed. I was a fact, he had a hard swing and a warrior's heart.

Coming back to my senses, I rose my hand up in the air; the air ignited around her. The demons that had tried to charge her from above and behind were now burned or turned to ash and just as quickly as that, her magic went into overload and summoned a bright light. The hordes of demons stopped, almost amazed by the light she emitted and for that one second, the world seemed to stop. The world seemed to start again, leaving only the two humans, Yuuki and the boy from before.

"What... happened..." Came the boy as he stared unbelievably at me, but realized that I was falling to the ground. Running over to catch my already limp body, he knelled on the ground to balance me in his arms. I could feel him shaking me, but I couldn't react, I couldn't move and I was extremely tired. I didn't want to deal with him right now... and he noticed that too. "Geez... what if you didn't get rid of the threat huh? You'd be dead for sure..." Came his response and sheathed his and my sword into their respective places.

“You look horrible...” He said as he lifted me up, “Your clothes are cut up, your hair is a mess and you still hold the look of justice even in your sleep. You might be the person I was looking for...” He pondered to himself as he carried her off in the direction to Ivalice, hoping to discover who she really was... and maybe even a bite to eat.
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Ohh nice little twist at the ending ^^
I like the story but there's a few things like "neyed" > neighed, change the word "selfish" (use 3 in like a paragraph), and "before nightfall" then "gag up my breakfast" ?
Oh, the first thing I read was the "character" section, then the story. So I think you could have either skipped out another description of Yuuki's background at the beginning of the story, or leave the character section till the very end.
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Light flooded into my eyes as I slightly rose from the bed I was on. I recognized the place as the village Inn. Confusion was blatant on my face as I looked around, and then I found the boy from the destroyed castle staring at me with a worried look. "Umm..." I whispered, not sure how to start the day much less think of anything to start a conversation with this boy. I couldn't remember what had happened, especially after the demon fight.

"You finally woke up?" He asked slowly to me, as if trying to see if I was truly awoke. Then as fast as he could, he walked over to me, much to my surprise, and pulled my face up to his. I was caught unaware and closed my eyes in fright. I thought that he was going to kiss me, and yet, he wasn't but that didn't stop my stupid shouts of complaints. "Wait! I don't even know you! We can't do this!" He didn't seem to react to my shouting or struggling, but as I opened my eyes to stare into his dark blue ones, I stopped. His forehead pulled closer to mine as he came up with some conclusion and he sighed out. "I don't know what your talking about, but would you please stop yelling?” He let go of my face and pulled away from me. The blush on my cheeks was patent as he moved to the chair next to the bedside. Apparently he was resting there awaiting for me to get up. The boy noticed how intense the atmosphere was after his attempt at whatever he was doing and joked with me with the last bit of his statement. “Last time you shouted it resulted in a demon raid, I don't know if I can handle another." As if to assure me, he patted my head and pulled his chair closer to the bed.

"You were out for a couple of days, and so I had to take care of you. Jeez, do you realize how much trouble it was taking care of a girl..." Looking to the side, a flush of red covered his cheeks as he explained. "It wouldn't be healthy to leave you in the clothes you were in... so I... uh..." As quickly as he said it, I glanced down at my attire. I wasn't in my normal traveling clothes, but in a long white blouse that was buttoned all the way to the cuff of the collar, and I also had on what looked like baggy shorts. My face flushed once more as I realized what he was saying and the clicking of the different clothes on made her embarrassed beyond belief. Quietly, I sat on the bed, thinking of something, anything and with as much strength as I could muster, I whacked him in the face with my pillow yelling sicko and pervert over and over again.

As the time flew, I began to calm down and slowly forgive the poor sap for trying to help me. Relaxing, I gripped my abused pillow and looked at him with some resolve. "What's your name?" The boy jumped out of his chair, unsure how to answer, he was probably wondering if it was a trick question, or something to maybe hit him with something else. "My name is Aden, what's yours?" He tilted his head, almost curious himself, but he sort of guessed who I was from the battle and my magic capabilities.

When I was unconscious, he went out to the study on varieties of magic. He was curious to know what type of magic it was mostly because he had never seen it happened before. It was sort of like his dark powers, except very bright like. Maybe even light magic? As he read the ancient books, he found out about the royal family of Ivalice and the fact that the every few generations, there would be one royal heir who possessed light magic. With that, he calculated the math and realized that I was the princess of Ivalice, without me even knowing. Though he wasn't sure why I was running around journeying about so he did some more research by asking the civilians. It seemed that he found out my name was Yuuki and that I had disappeared a while ago. They said that I was never found again and maybe even dead, but since the disappearance of the princess of Ivalice, The Miko-no-Hime arrived on scene and started to helping out the people in need. It gave the people a peace of mind.

'I wonder what they'll think when they find out that their Miko-no-hime was the missing princess all along.' Aden thought. During this quiet moment, I started to tell him of myself. "I'm the Miko-no-hime, I am the defender of the people. That's all you need to know." Aden just slipped his lounge out and replied back at me, "That's no fun, besides, I wanted to know if you were going to reveal yourself, but I guess I'll have too..." Before he could finish, I noticed how he watched my expressions. It was like he was trying to read me, maybe he already knew who I was. I felt shocked. Shocked that I might be discovered. Disbelief soon came to me as I tried to understand the situation and maybe even how he knew who I was... and then fright, I was scared that he would have just dragged me back to Ivalice... wait, where am I? I looked around fervently and saw a window drape. Pulling, I saw that small kingdom town that was known as Romania, the capital town of Ivalice. Over my apparent fright, I held the face of shock once more.

"Yes, I know who you are Princess Yuuki, I'm not as ignorant as the people, so you can drop the tough girl act." With that I gripped my bed sheets. I was caught and I was sure that he would send me back to the castle and get that reward for finding me. Fighting back tears I grabbed his hand and looked pleadingly into his eyes.

"Please don't send me back to that castle! I don't want to be locked up like a bird! I want to fly! Aden, you understand don't you? Don't you find life more interesting then being inside all your life waiting for the end? I don't want that! Please, I'm begging you as a person and a living being... please don't turn me in..." With that I collapsed my head onto his lap and he stared disbelievingly at me. I could feel his befuddled stare as I fought back my tears that were betraying my character. I couldn't believe how desperate I was to stay out of that castle. I could feel him sigh out, and he used his free hand to smooth out my hair as if I were a helpless child. "Alright, I'll keep your secret, just stop crying on my clothes." Relief started to fill me as I lifted my face from his lap and nodded eagerly. I was happy that he would keep my secret, if only for a little while.

I clasped my hands together on top of the bed sheets as I tried to think of something, anything to get onto another topic. It was... stressful for me to have to talk about something I never wanted to get into.
I could feel Aden fidget in his seat and grumble out. I tilted my head in confusion until I saw that he was holding his stomach, “Are you alright?” I asked, reaching out to him but he shook his head to stop me. “Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just hungry. I haven't eaten all day today is all.”
I stared at him in anger as he sheepishly looked at the door and the wall to avoid my stare. “You didn't eat because you were worried, huh? Idiot. Go find something to eat. I'm going to change.” Before I could remove the comforter on top of me, I heard my own stomach grumbling its complaints for not having something substantial in me either.

“Food for two.” Aden replied with a big grin as he got up out of his chair to get some food. “You change, come downstairs to eat, there's a tavern down there to eat.” With that, he left the room and closed the door. Rising out of the bed, I noticed how tattered my borrowed clothes were. It was bunched up and wrinkled from the collar to my socks. I was probably thrashing in my sleep again. That could answer why Aden was so hesitant when I first woke up, but shrugged it off. Things that happen in the past, happen in the past, all one can do now is start heading for the future, and that was what I was going to do. “Now, where are some clean traveling clothes?” I asked to myself and rummaged around the room. On top of the headboard of the bed was my cape, with a nicely folded up long sleeved shirt. Under that shirt was my ripped shorts with some thread and needle next to it. “Aden... sewed my clothes that were ripped...” I stammered out in amazement and then I examined his sewing job whistling. They looked like they were cleaned and hot off the press. “He's a weird person he is.” I whispered out.

What I didn't know though was that Aden was still at the door, just listening to what I was saying, "No, you're the weird one. Looks like I can't abandon you even if I wanted too..." He spoke softly and continued on his way to the tavern to satisfy his hungry stomach. Thinking to himself on the way down, he couldn't help but turn his head back up the stairs to look at the door. "This may turn into a war... but maybe... just maybe this kingdom will be safe from The Forsaken..."


"Hurry! Run over here! Quick!" Came my feminine voice as I directed everyone away from the land. Fires brushed against my face as I made sure that everyone was safe. I saw Aden running towards me, and I nodded as I ran ahead to keep up with some of the surviving villagers. Demons swarmed around everyone, including me, and with a vicious assault, they picked off everyone one by one. I tried to save them but someone, the man from before had appeared behind me and restrained me so that I couldn't move. I could feel him breathing on my neck, as he whispered into my ear. "Watch as your people burn... Princess Yuuki."

I screamed out and jumped out of the bed. Sweat had formed along my forehead as I breathed out in relief. It was just a bad dream. "Yuuki? You okay?" I heard Aden say as he walked into the room. I saw that he was still in his pajama's, and his face held a look of concern, especially when he pushed his reading glasses up the bridge of his nose. The scroll he had been reading was now dangling at his side. "Bad dream?" I answered with a curt nod and massaged my neck with my right hand, my left was still shaking from the way that man, in my dream, made me watch all those people die. I hadn't had a dream about Ivalice getting attacked so it was all new to me now. "Aden, what if it's my fault that the people are slain?" The sudden question made him raise his brows in interest. "Why would you ask such a stupid question. It's not just one person's fault that people are killed, if anything, its everyone's fault for not stopping it." With that he walked to the door and turned back to look at me. "Yuuki, get ready. We're leaving soon."

Jumping out of bed, I stretched and looked outside my window. I knew that Aden was right, but that dream made me think about that one demon general that we saw earlier that week. "Who was he?" I replied and walked out of the room to get my traveling clothes in the next room.


When changing, I quickly pulled on my normal clothes and adjusted my long black cape so that it was aligned over my clothes perfectly. Looking into the mirror now, I pulled some of my long brown hair onto my shoulders, and leaving the rest to cascade down my back, hidden by the cloak. When I finished with that part, I began to braid some loose strands of hair. "Finished." I replied out loud, gazing at my reflection before me. I looked like any teenager should: quiet, reserved, and experienced. I didn't want to be targeted for inspections, not right now when things were getting worse.

I noticed that I wasn't alone, and turned to my visitor. It was none other than Aden, already changed and ready to go. His white shirt was crisp and had no sleeves, and his arms were covered by wrappings of bandages, his hands were covered by black gloves. His pants were black like his gloves, with pockets lining over the pant legs. Two belts looped around his mid-drift as it held his broad sword in place at the back of his shirt. Over everything, like her own, was a black cloak, except his hood wasn't on. He was staring at me through the mirror probably wondering how could I live through such conditions of fighting and not be so preppy.

"Who would have thought, you do look cute in regular clothes, though it's a bit unusual. Does this mean you've given up fighting the demons? Or does it mean that I have to protect you now that I know who you are." I turned to face Aden with anger, obvious on my face, and hit him in the arm above his bandage. "I doubt I will stop fighting the demons anytime soon, thank you very much, and I don't need a body guard like you. I've decided to attend an audience to the grand council of the castle to tell them of the kingdom we discovered last night. I'd rather we be on the safe side of things and not assume that the demon's are appeased with their killing. Knowing them, they will attack the closet kingdom next, and that'll probably be Ivalice." Aden nodded and relaxed into his normal pose. With his hand on the other, he leaned onto his left leg, and he tilted his head in acknowledgment. "You want me to come with?" I couldn't help but nod effortlessly and gave my fighting sword to Aden. "Since I can't hold this while walking, I'm giving this to you. I hope you use it well. Or sell it. It's up to you." Aden took the sword from me and examined it as I went down on my knees to place some herbs, bandages, and food supplies into my pack. After I packed everything that I could, I pulled my bag up and onto my back. Positioning my hair to the way I liked it again, I looked in the mirror and smiled. “Let us go."

Aden stared unbelievably at me as I 'perfected' my look once more. "Why do women care about how they look?" Aden stepped into a land mine as I responded back to his stupid question. "Why do men try to act strong when they actually aren't?" We both could feel an icy chill pulse through us, and it made the other occupants shiver as if the air could freeze water.

Finally, I decided to end it by turning my head and crossing my arms. As I did this, I made a small 'hmph' noise and walked off to the stairs heading to the first floor. I wanted to get this meeting over with and then walk around the village for some alone time, though I knew I wouldn't be left alone by the guy who was following close by. Aden, who was indeed following me, was a lot more gleeful then usual, which irritated me the most. Just by the height difference, it seemed like he was the one in charge, and I was the child. I was aggravated by the simple fact that he was older, smarter, and more experienced than I was. Maybe it was the thought of him winning that argument that ticked me off further.

"We're heading to the castle right?" He asked and walked briskly in front of me. As he opened the door for me, he waited for me to pass and then matched my pace perfectly with his own. "Yes, we're heading to the castle. You don't have to come if you don't want to Aden." Aden nodded but shook his head. "I have nothing better to do, plus I can make sure that you don't reveal yourself as the missing princess. Being the person you are, they could easily discover who you are by your appearance." I sighed and clenched my hands together to stop them from sweating. "Yes, but I'm not stupid to make myself jump into the fire, so to speak." I replied calmly and stared at the pathway leading to the castle.

People were bustling through the streets: talking, trading, selling. It seemed like the thought of demons never crossed their minds. Smiling for a second, I quickly made my way through. He seemed to keep up with me so I kept my brisk pace. Aden didn't seemed phased by my walking speed, in all reality, he probably thought that it was a slow pace. I noticed that he kept up with ease, as he maneuvered through the crowds. As we approached the castle, I noticed that there were more guards on duty then usual, maybe the thoughts of demon raids had crossed the minds of the people and the major activity of guards on duty gave the people a piece of mind. As we walked down the path, I hid behind Aden. I was scared that I was going to be discovered in this rough time.

"Excuse me, you two, wait there. We need to verify that you aren't demons under disguise." I paused, but I agreed and Aden just nodded. I kept my head down as I pulled my hood off my head, but I hid my face with Aden's cloak. Aden seemed to noticed my distress, and decided to take advantage of the situation. "Sorry sir, we were just going to the Grand Council to give news about the newest fallen Kingdom. The two remaining kingdoms are Ivalice and the one residing in the west, Locus. That's all we're here for, and we're in a hurry. Isn't that right, Little sister?” I nodded numbly, catching on to his ploy and the guards apologized for their lack of manners. "Sorry, you two may go ahead. You are a little late, they've already started." I nodded to Aden and as we walked by the guards, we thanked them.

"Don't like getting passed the guards Yuuki?" He asked, looking back at me attempting to stay hidden by clinging to his shirt. No one was around, so I let go of his shirt and mumbled out in apology. "Yeah, I hate getting past them. They always give me a heart attack, I remember when I started my work as the Miko-no-hime and the guards thought that I was the missing princess and immediately brought me to the King. Even though I am the princess, I did the best I could and answered all the questions he asked incorrectly. I didn't want to be put back into that place again. Though I was sad that father couldn't tell who I was."

As I explained where everything was to Aden, I sadly smiled at how pathetic I was to have to resort to lying to the guards. “Yuuki?” Aden called to me as I turned to the entrance of the halls. “Yes?” I could tell that he was trying to think of something nice to say, and then again, not something nice. “Be careful. I have this bad feeling once we're separated. Just shout and I'll be there.” I blinked in shock before I waved at him with a smile and he nodded. "See you in a bit then." He said to me and turned to explore. When I saw him do this, I smiled even more and nodded. "Be back soon." I made my way through the hallowed halls with my steps to calm my beating heart. I knew once I reached the door before me, I would have to not be the princess I was trained to be. I couldn't help but feel nervous. Aden was right, something didn't seem well and the way the halls were empty frightened me further. Did the guards go away or something? Why wasn't there a guard down every two to five feet? Increasing my speed, I sort of sprinted half way down the hall to the door coming closer to me. Once I reached it, the door opened itself to me, and I was drawn in. The feeling of death washed over me as I stepped into the threshold.

Blood smeared the walls and the bodies of the grand council laid all around the room in different places. All were torn apart by what looked like demons. My blood pounded faster and harder into my head as I tried to catch what had happened. The door that had remained opened started to close, and I decided it wasn't good to stay there anymore.

I could feel the magic power coming from all around the room, and she turned to dart out, only to stop at the door. “No!” I shouted out in vain as I pounded the door with my wrists. It was locked on the outside, I wouldn't be able to get out from this way. “That means... Father's room is where I have to go.” I said as I turned my direction to the other corner door covered by the emblem of Ivalice.

'This door leads into my chamber, no one except you or me can enter, you understand don't you Little Yuuki?' the little girl nodded as she stared at her father. 'Okay!'

As I stared at the door transfixed with it, I saw the door open and the same magical power went over my body, possessing it to walk closer to the room. I didn't want to go through the door, I knew I wouldn't like what I would see. As the unknown power coursed through my muscles, forcing me to move to the room, I felt my resistance waning and the power overtook my aura. When I reached the door, I walked through and just like the first door, it closed behind me. I looked in front of me, seeing the throne backwards and an arm was hanging off the side of it as if lounging. It held a glass of red wine, and it pulled back to take a sip. I couldn't tell who it was, but I knew it wasn't her father. He would never drink red wine like this stranger was. As if being in the room with a stranger was bad, I noticed that there was another person in the room at the corner. Looking to my right, I saw who it was. It was the general who I had met with Aden. I remembered that he ordered his minions to attack us after interrogating the two of us. "What... What are you doing here in... the king's chamber..." I said softly, even scared for my life.

The man sitting in the throne stood up. Staying in the shadows, he walked briskly to me and grabbed my chin to look up at him. I realized that I was in trouble. I tried to get away and break his grasp on my chin, but his hold on her was strong. I decided to use desperate measures, swinging my right hand up to smack his face and shoulder as hard as I could and ran into the wall. I saw that the man wasn't fazed by my move and came closer to me. "Don't run." He spoke out in a strong voice which froze me instantly. I didn't know what to do, or the fact that I was helplessly stuck with two strong demons. "Takuto... Burn Ivalice." I turned my head staring at Takuto, the demon, in disbelief and watched as he disappeared into the dark shadow.

"No! Don't burn Ivalice!" I yelled out and I felt cold hands touch my face. I hesitated, turning my attention to the man in front of me. He had spiky black hair with red highlight through it. He wore what looked like a dark material and silver keys flown down off the chains he wore, but what had caused me to shutter was the fact that his eyes held the color of dark blood. The atmosphere that he created wasn't friendly either.

"Princess... It's a pleasure to finally meet you. You are the one who had always been a thorn in my side for to long. Though, being the generous man I am... I decided to let you meet your blood line before you die." With that he gripped my wrist in his large hands and pulled me forward into the light. I fell onto the throne as he snapped his fingers. Shadows emerged from the ground and the King of Ivalice appeared. He looked beaten and he held a weak frown. I could see the blood running down the side of his face as I sat frozen in my spot. "What a tragic fate these two must face. For you see, both the father and daughter meet their tragic doom from the mistake of one." He poetically spoke out and grabbed my chin in his hand. He lifted my head up, and the mysterious man smirked at my terrified face. "What a sad way for you two to reunite. Isn't that right, father." Grabbing my throat, he pulled me off the throne and threw me onto my weak father. Then, as if to make fun of the two of us, he sat down in the throne with his glass of wine.

"I'm so sorry father..." I said to him and hugged my injured father. I was upset that I couldn't have done anything to save Giseke, and I would lose my own kingdom to this demon before me. I was going to die, lose my father, and never see Aden again. If I didn't start crying, I was going to soon, because my father hugged me back weakly in response to my hug. "My Princess... I knew who you were... I knew you were protecting your kingdom. I know." Before we could say anymore, the demon lord pulled himself up and walked over to where we were on the ground. Grabbing my arm, he pulled me away from my dying father and into a couple of minions behind him. He used the shadows to produce a long key-like sword and moved out of the way so that I could see my father die. "Princess Yuuki, I grant you a front row seat to see your father die at my hands." And as he raised his sword to strike down, and as my father screamed out, I screamed out in agony. "FATHER!"

Aden was waiting impatiently for Yuuki to come back. It had been over forty minutes now, and it had him worried. What had him staying still was the fact that no one was screaming for help until a maid ran around the corner. Tears filled her eyes as she saw Aden. "Help me!" She screeched to him, but before he could do anything to help her two demons pounced on her helpless body and started to devour her. "The hell?!" He yelled out, pulling his sword out he slain the two demons and found that in the next corridor that demons had infested themselves everywhere.

"Holy Crow," he said and ran to the nearby window. There he witnessed what could be in the horror films. "Oh no!" He yelled out, but before he could do anything, some demons jumped out of no where and tried to attack him. Surprised by the attack, he raised his sword and awaited the pain, but the demons did nothing but grab his legs and arms. "The hell... let...go..." He said and felt his entire being being sucked into the shadows. "Yuuki!"

When he was released from the shadows he appeared at the feet of the general. Unsuspecting, Aden was kicked in the ribs and flown across the pathway. "What a pathetic excuse for a guardian." Aden coughed out as he tried to rise from his spot. He could hear the general coming closer. "Rise you mortal. I want to kill you in battle." Grunting in anger, Aden lifted his sword and swung out at Takuto. Takuto easily dodged and appeared behind him. Grabbing the youth's hair, he spoke out calmly.

"When you start a battle, you're supposed to tell your name and stature. Speak you fool." Aden screamed in agony as the man pulled his hair further and then was released from his grasp. Breathing in and out, he gasped out in pain. "Aden, of the Kingdom of Portland... I'm..." Before he could finish Takuto kicked him in the stomach again and watched the mortal yelp in pain. "I know who you are. You're the runaway Prince who ran with his tail in between his legs." Grunting in pain, Aden tried to rise and felt his mysterious power course through him. He knew the demons had the power of shadow, but so did he.

"Some fighting spirit left after all? Fine, I'm Takuto of the demons." Aden and Takuto charged each other in battle. Swords banging together as they fought with each other. "What did you do to the castle!" Aden yelled out, avoiding Takuto's punch and tried to punch the demon general back. Takuto easily escaped Aden's reach and swung his sword horizontally. "We just infested it with demons. I'm sure the princess is enjoying her time with Akram." Aden deflected his sword attack with his sword going down and stuck his sword into Takuto's.

Swinging his sword now, Aden flung it at Takuto and charged. "Who the hell is Akram! What do you plan to do with Yuuki!" Pulling out the sword he received from Yuuki, he swung at Takuto who was unsuspecting. Takuto screamed out and saw that another sword had went straight through his body. Smirking at Aden, he laughed at his attempt to kill him. "The princess... Is surely dead by now... If I die, it won't matter... Akram will control you all... because... we're The Forsaken!"

"Go to hell!" Blood spattered on Aden as Takuto fell from the attack he received. Wiping his face, Aden grabbed both of his swords and ran back to the castle. "Yuuki! You better not be dead!"


I felt blood on my right cheek as I stared at my dead father. The demon lord held my father's head in his hand and walked over to where I was being held captive. "Feel the hatred coursing through your veins? You just want the chance to grab a sword and kill me for killing your father. The only person who truly knew who you were. Feel the hatred of my being the harbinger of death." I didn't know what to do, I was caught in the brink of hatred and grief. I watched the man swing my fathers head back at the floor, and I yelled. "You're nothing but a sick man! You murderer!" I tried to get out of the grip of the two lesser demons but they were stronger then I was. The lesser demons let me go, and I went off to attack. “You will pay for the deaths of the people you slaughtered!” Disappearing from my sight, I slipped on my foot and crashed to the floor and the feeling of cold steel touched my cheek. Fear caressed my body as I lay still. He was standing over me with the look of accomplishment. "Princess Yuuki, you are an interesting being. You seek for peace but you attack me." He pulled back his sword and swung. I laid still, knowing that this was the end. I closed my eyes and accepted my fact, but Aden's face popped into my head.

Instead of feeling pain, I could hear the sounds of metal clashing against metal. Opening my eyes I saw Aden right beside me and he was holding his ground with the help of his sword. "Yuuki... get up slowly!" I didn't feel like disagreeing with him. If he wanted to be in charge, be my guest. Rolling to my side, I rose off the ground and made my way to where Aden directed me to be. The man with the white and red locks cursed at Aden trying to attack me as I moved, but Aden did well to stop the assault. Feeling that he had more room to move now, Aden swung Akram's sword off of his, jumped back a good five feet and pulled me to him. "Akram... Takuto is dead, tell him thanks in the afterlife!" There would have been a moment where I doubted anyone else could have used darkness as a tool for good, but when the ground shifted underneath us and the two of us were engulfed in shadows, I couldn't help but cling onto his shirt.

When Aden reassembled again, I was crying into his shirt, but I started calming down with some breathing methods I learned. I knew that if he was near me, and fighting along side me, it would all be okay. . "he...he.." I managed to start, but he shushed me as quickly as he could. Thankfully, he wasn't going to push the issue any further. I could see that he was trying to keep me from going into shock, and it was working, but he pushed me away from him, brushed my eyes with his hands and looked at me.

"Yuuki, relax... We're going to save Ivalice, let's join forces and save the survivors for now. We'll deal with them when we have the time."

I was happy that someone would have wanted to join me in my futile attempt at saving the lands. Even if he was rude and boisterous, he was also strong and brave. I would have to thank him twice for this, if we escaped alive.

"Hurry! Run over here! Quick!" I cried out and watched as Aden was running at the end of the line. He was killing as many demons that were following, but it was endless. "Aden! Come on!" I saw that Aden agreed with me with a curt nod, following a couple more slashes of his broad sword. Clicking his sword back into it's sheathe, he grabbed the sword that I gave him, and charged ahead of our group to slay the demons coming from the front. I sighed in relief knowing that with Aden in front, the demons wouldn't attack the group in that direction. Suddenly, I felt a presence behind me and a chill go down my spine. The thing had grabbed me from behind, just like before and I couldn't help but yelp in pain. It was dark once more and hard to breathe, I felt shock consume my mind as Akram held me against him.

"Watch as your people burn... Princess Yuuki." I tried to pull away from him, but I could only watch helplessly as some innocent villagers were taken in by shadows. "Stop it!" I screamed out. I watched as Aden fought vigilantly against the demons but more and more people were being swallowed by the shadows. This... This is my dream... the dream that frightened me the most. The tears that came down my face only made the scene more dramatic as countless people fell. I couldn't protect the people, or the land. I couldn't do anything to stop Akram. I was useless. Aden and I... we can't beat Akram... not just the two of us... but maybe we can if more people helped us... but... if I use my power to distribute more power, I'll risk the chance of myself getting killed. Akram... he will kill me if I give him that chance. The decision to risk the lives of one instead of hundreds. I thought it was worth that risk to save the people I loved. Closing my eyes, I began to silently pray and summon any amount of light magic I could.

Akram was surprised by my magic and pushed away from. "Princess... You will pay for this!"I watched as Akram hissed at the light I produced, and swiftly disappeared. I was proud of myself to have protected myself, but at what cost? My body wasn't functioning the way that I wanted it to, and I summoned six different colored rays. My magic bounced in front of me like waterfalls and fireworks, circling around me, but before I could do anything, they bounded off into the skies, except for two, light and dark. These two jumped to both me and Aden. "Now... Now... we should... save... Our lands..." I whispered out and collapsed onto the bloodied earth.


I knew that this was only the beginning, but the question was, how long will the journey last? How long will it take to defeat Akram? Unfortunately, I have yet to know that answer. Until the time that all of the six sages have joined together as one, all we can do now is search for the end. May the prophecy be true, and let the journey begin.

“Yuuki?” Aden called to me as I turned to him, “Yeah?”

“Let's go find the future together.”

“Let's, together!” I said after my nap, and we left in search for the future.
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The story has a lot of potential to it, you are very creative You may want to look over your sentences thoguh, they seem to be very choppy and short. While writing, try to make sentences that are close together flow together.

What I mean is, if your sentneces in one paragraph are part of the same idea, and seem kind of short, try combinining them. The words and, but, because, etc. are good for this. Here's an example:

Rain poured down as an ancient face appeared from the shadows. The person watched from his place as people scattered around looking for shelter. His twisted smile corrupted his face as he turned around to face some demon servants. With cold words of malice he spoke out, "Kill them all. Spare none." Words echoing in the winds now, the demons swarmed out of the castle to the nearby village. Rain began to cascade down, the screams of many agonized innocents pierced through the sky. Watching, the man kept his sickening stare and soon walked away. Humans meant nothing to him, and he knew to them, whenever they heard the name 'Akram, the Demon Lord' they would cower in their boots. That was who he was, and wasn't afraid to decimate millions to reach his goal and that was to be on the same level as god.

Rained poured down the ancient face hiding in the shadows as he watched the pitiful people scatter around looking for shelter. A twisted smile corrupted his face as he turned to his demonic servants, and malice oozed from his voice as he spoke out, "Kill them all. Spare none." His words echoed into the empty wind as the demons swarmed out of the castle towards the nearby village. The rain cascaded down upon the agonized innocents, their screams drowned in the torrential downpour.

Watching silently, the mans face merely retained its twisted smile as he turned and walked away. "Akrem the Demon Lord" was a name well known to the humans, causing them to cower in fear at merely the sound of his name, and those same humans meant less than nothing to him. His goal was to attain the highest level of power, to become a diety akin to God, and he wasn't afraid to decimate millions to reach that twisted desire.

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