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The Shield:
The shield covers the entire city, not leaving a single building out or cut-off. The shield is impenetrable by mere materials (guns, knives, etc.) and nullifies powers. It cannot be phased through, climbed over, or dug under. It was a stormy day when the shield was put up (when the device was activated), so since time has been technically frozen inside the shield since that day, there is a constant overcast sky overhead. There is no night or day inside the shield. The clouds never move or drift away. There’s no breeze, no snow, no rain, no natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.). The temperature inside the shield is around seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit all the time.

The City of Timeless:
Despite being a “city,” it’s actually pretty small. There are homes, apartment buildings, stores, restaurants, vehicles, etc. Anything you find in any average town. There are four schools: Edison Elementary, Westport Middle, Westville High, and Brighton High (this one is the private school). They do not work together because of the obvious differences within age and abilites. Elementary kids aren't as brutally strong unless it's one of their abilites. Also no one can be trusted. It's hard just trusting classmates. Many blame either other for the misfortune that occured to them. Others just despise the other clans because they are all willing to throw the other schools under the bus. It's extremely diffcult to get along with anyone who isn't your age as well because of the shield also altered their view on younger or older kids. It makes them hate each to extreme degrees.

Tℎe Cίtч ίs Spℓίt ίη four αreαş:

The West-side:
Brighton High, Wally World (a supermarket), and a few other major buildings. This was the rich side of town before the Dr. Technov incident. This area is neutral. Owned by no specific gang. *I call it neutral, but it’s not. If one member of a gang sees another member here, there are no “rules” against fighting…if they want. This side has the most food even though it's dwindling. They must defend it with their lives or there'd be no point in keeping it. Theses are the kids who can see through the fog of hatred but have a hard time informing others since most want to take each others heads for food.

The East-side:
Edison Elementary and Westport Middle are here, as well as Taggy (a cheaper, poorer market), and a bunch of neighborhoods and normal houses. This was more of the middle-class, community-built part of town before the incident. This is Thorn territory. This part of town has the most students who are brutally strong since the conditions have always been kind of slobby over here. These are the people who know what a threat is and what isn't. What matters is if they take that into consideration when you take a step on their side.

The North-side:
Wesport Middle. This is the part of town where block parties and such were commonly held, so there are many restaurants and antique/clothing stores around. So, basically, it was the downtown area. Shabby, but not bad. The city park is here as well as the water tower (which was knocked down a while ago). This is Fang territory. The water runs dry but it's more than other side's have. This has most of the normal kids who know what a decent meal is but can barely survive. This side is usually a bit more kind heatered but can become beast. Westport's territory runs into Edison Elementary.

The South-side:
Westville High, offices buildings, coffee shops and bakeries, and two skyscrapers are here. This was the busier area of the city before the incident, where most people communed to work. Toy’va’ganza is here—a huge store filled with toys and such. This is Shank territory. This is for the aggresive rich kids who know not how to strave and were treated to be before. These kids know how to use very fancy 'toys' like guns.


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where's the amazing music coming from?!
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