Dark Air
Posted 9/24/11 , edited 9/25/11

^^^^link for you guys to go and read it

Ok well its been a while since i made a thread and this will be my second thread i made for a manga.

Intro about my self: been here for a while. some veterans in here might still know me. i like to cyberbully to compensate for my small dick (im asian i cant help it). Don't know if i still have the most threads in here but i don't care anymore. anyways enough about me time to get to the good part...

Synopsis: Magic use to flow through the world like it was part of nature. All of a sudden magic, or mana. or what ever the fuck they call it, has been wiped out. Fast forward a couple years later a man by the name of Mustain is traveling around to find the reason while a cross dressing man follows around. Mustain must gather up other characters to join in his team to find about what really happened with magic. The cross dressing man is something who still has magic inside of him. Theres also other different "teams" looking for this crossing dressing man which brings in a diverse cast of characters. The story is still in the early stages so i don't know to much of it and i don't know if it will last (i hope it does).

Setting: kind of a mix of medieval with modern time twist in it

Art: this is a manhwa the art isn't the greatest but it isnt the worst. I kind of feel like the art is a little bit behind. In my opinion Vertitas had the best art for charactes of a manhwa.

Two Cents: After coming home from big boy school (college) i was just on the interweb searching stuff up until i thought that i should revisit my manga sites and i haven't used in a while and when i went into the site i decided to look for something new. Thank god this came up and good thing its in the early stage so it isnt to mainstream yet hahaha. Anyways i like the story so far but its still kind of vague to judge it but by the looks of it, it looks fine. The drawing isn't as good as Veritas (the other manhwa i discovered and posted on crunchyroll before Veritas became to mainstream for me hahaha. hipster mentality) but it isn't the worst. For me, im going to keep on eye on this one because i'd like to see it progress and see even better fights.

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