Key Of Heart (BoA fanfic)
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This is a short story I wrote that was requested by a fellow BoA fan. It's not my original story but it's based on the Key Of Heart video ad for Olympus. My story is pretty much like the video but has an extension and I added a few of my own twists. If you haven't seen the video watch it here:

Key Of Heart (First draft)
A short story by
Andy Balce
Based on the story by

The story begins as BoA Kwon working on a new song entitled “Key of Heart”. She has spent two days with her song writing team to create a brand new song for her Korean fans. On the morning of the third day BoA was informed that the composer for the song had just arrived. His name is Dong Hae and happens to be one of South Korea’s top composers. He was also a big fan of BoA and was very honoured to work with BoA and meet her for the first time. They both worked well together and were getting along just fine.

Over the next few days while working on the composition BoA and Dong Hae spent a lot of time with each other. They often had dinners together and spent late nights working on the final composition of the song. During this time they had the chance to know each other a lot better and get closer. In no time at all they fell in love and were in a relationship. Dong Hae never dreamed that he would ever fall in love with Asia’s top singing star.

Finally the time came when Dong Hae finished the composition of “Key Of Heart” and the song was now ready to be released as BoA’s new single. Korean fans went nuts over it and millions of copies were sold just within a few days after its release. BoA’s Key of Heart was yet another successful single. BoA and Dong Hae were very much proud of themselves at that point. To celebrate their success Dong Hae bought two necklaces for himself and BoA. Both necklaces had a heart–shaped pendant identical to each other, as it represented their love for each other. When Dong Hae gave the necklace to BoA, it was the happiest moment of her life. She felt as if their love could last forever.

Three months had passed since the release of the “Key of Heart” single and BoA was now scheduled for her big tour performance. On the first day of the tour she was scheduled to perform at Seoul Olympic Stadium and she would perform “Key Of Heart” for the first time. BoA and Dong Hae eagerly anticipated this and he promised to see her perform it live for the first time ever. Dong Hae promised he wouldn’t miss this for the world. Unfortunately this was one promise he would never keep.

While on his way to Olympic Stadium to see BoA perform, Dong Hae suffered a terrible accident while speeding recklessly on his motorbike. The accident left him severely wounded with burns and his body completely paralyzed. There was no way he would make it to any hospital alive. Dong Hae was on the verge of death. Doctor Park who had accidentally hit him with his car is a well renowned scientist who does research for Olympus. With his skills as a technological genius he felt it was his responsibility to do everything in his power to save Dong Hae. And the great doctor was his only hope of survival. So he carried Dong Hae to his vehicle and sped off to his nearby research lab. A witness called an ambulance but they had arrived only to find Dong Hae’s trashed motorbike.

As soon as Dr. Park arrived at his lab, he immediately went to work on Dong Hae. Dr. Park was in the midst of creating a prototype and Dong Hae has now become the guinea pig for his experiment. Dong Hae would have a fifty percent chance of survival but of course that no longer mattered at this point. After five long hours of constant work it seemed there was no end in sight. Dr. Park could no longer tell if he even succeeded or not. Dong Hae still laid there unconscious, his skin now a metallic and silicone texture with his internal body structure completely cyberized. This was uncharted territory for the doctor and all his past experiments were failures. Dr. Park still had complete faith and wasn’t about to give up on Dong Hae. There was now a long waiting period for the final result of success of failure. During this time the weary doctor had dozed off.

Three hours later Dr. Park awoke from his sleep and to his shocking amazement Dong Hae stood there right before his eyes. At first he thought it was a dream but soon realized the reality of his great achievement. Doctor Park had achieved what no other has before: A cyborg with an internal human soul. Dong Hae had a near death experience before he awoke in his metallic shell that left him a bit shaken up. It wasn’t easy adjusting to his new body and this situation felt so surreal to him. Soon he would have to accept that although he is human inside he could never function as a normal human being physically. And this was the hardest thing for him to accept. Dong Hae was really happy to be alive but also sad that he could never go back to BoA the way he is. This was the beginning of a journey down a long and hard road for Dong Hae.

One year later Dong Hae had finally become fully adjusted to his new body. It took many long hours per day of special training sessions with Dr. Park. Just simple tasks as walking and running were great feats to accomplish for Dong Hae. For a while he felt as if he were an oversized infant. But now that he succeeded in those trials Dong Hae was ready to enter back into the world. This would be difficult since he had been declared dead. There was no way he could reunite with his loved ones just yet. Dong Hae’s current appearance is far from human that makes him stand out considerably. Dr. Park was still working on his skin grafts to make him look like his original human form. The doctor certainly didn’t want his greatest achievement to be public knowledge just yet. He absolutely did not want Dong Hae to leave the research facility without his skin grafts. Dong Hae disagreed and thought he would do fine without skin grafts. He felt a strong need to see BoA again more than ever. Not only did he miss her so much but he felt as if something terrible would happen to her. It was a premonition that he could not fully explain. Despite the doctor’s orders to never leave the facility, Dong Hae managed to sneak out at night and escape. He needed to find BoA no matter what.

It was a strange feeling for Dong Hae as he returned to the outside world. Nothing felt the same as before when he was fully human. The way he viewed the world was very different now. He wandered aimlessly on the streets wearing a hoody to conceal his face. He stayed in a hotel for awhile and worked on a plan to find BoA. As he was searching online he came across news about BoA’s upcoming tour starting in a week’s time at Olympic Stadium. She would perform her hit single Key of Heart once again. Dong Hae was so happy that he would have the opportunity to see his great love once again. All he wished was to see her again with his naked eyes. He wished for nothing more because it was pointless to hope for the revival of their relationship. Dong Hae absolutely did not want BoA to see his face and realize what he had become. Two days later Dong Hae attended a public conference where BoA appeared to discuss her upcoming tour. Dong Hae was grieved to discover that she was currently in a relationship with another great singer. Her boyfriend was there at her side during the last half of the conference as the paparazzi took endless photos of them together. Dong Hae had with him his Olympus digital camera that had his heart-shaped pendant attached to it. Although he was sad he took photos of the happy couple. At that moment he realized he would have to let go of BoA.

The first day of BoA’s tour arrived and she was ready to give her best performance ever. She was a little upset that her boyfriend couldn’t make it to her opening night but she understood his busy schedule as well. Just moments before her opening song she suddenly felt nostalgic and memories of Dong Hae came back to her. Thinking about Dong Hae always made her cry but she knew she had to keep herself together to perform at her best. It was show time and BoA made her grand entrance as usual and fans in the entire stadium went wild. Among her fans in the front row seats was none other than Dong Hae. BoA performed her songs with such perfection that Dong Hae always admired. Dong Hae’s heart skipped a beat as the 8th song‘s instrumental started playing. He was listening to his own composition as BoA performed “Key of Heart”. The audience knew every word from the lyrics as they sang along with BoA. It was a magnificent performance that Dong Hae would never forget. By the time the song was finished BoA was in tears but she managed to hold herself together. Dong Hae noticed this and he nearly broke down crying as well. He wished more than anything to run up on the stage and hold her in his arms to ease her pain. All of a sudden one of the light fixtures above the stage exploded massively with sparks raining down towards BoA. It happened so fast that nobody noticed the huge light fixture was falling straight down towards BoA. She was too frightened by the sudden sparks raining down around her that she couldn’t move not even an inch. Dong Hae’s quick reflexes kicked in and he found himself leaping out of the audience onto the stage. BoA then looked up horrified to see the light fixture just a few meters above her head and she faced her death. As BoA shut her eyes and waited for it to plummet right on top of her instead she heard a loud crashing noise inches above her. Dong Hae had swooped in above BoA just in time for the light fixture to plummet right on his body and disperse into pieces that fell around both of them. The impact had torn Dong Hae’s hoody off and he was now revealed to everybody. BoA looked up to see this strange cyborg being that had saved her life. Her bodyguards now completely awestruck stood there staring at BoA and Dong Hae. Everyone in the entire audience was dead silent as they all could see Dong Hae on the large view screen.

Because of the terrible accident with the light fixture, all concert attendees were told to clear out of the stadium. There was no choice but to end the show at that point. A cleanup crew was immediately assigned to remove all the fallen debris on the stage. BoA’s staff and bodyguards tended to BoA as best they could to see if she was alright. Thanks to Dong Hae she was just fine but of course a little shaken. They all stood there staring at Dong Hae wondering exactly what he really was. Most important of all they were just glad BoA was alive and well. The media were bound to show up any moment so Dong Hae left the stadium stealthily even though he wanted to talk with BoA. This was a terrible situation that had put him right in the spotlight and soon the world will learn about his transformation. It was just what Dr. Park tried very hard to avoid. By the time BoA asked about the cyborg that had saved her nobody could find him. BoA really wanted to thank him personally and ask him some questions. Among some of the leftover debris on the stage she noticed an Olympus digital camera. This was so strange to her that she would find something like that there but she went ahead and picked it up anyway. BoA was surprised to find a lot of the captured shots were of her while she was at various events and practice sessions. At first she thought it was very creepy and assumed the camera belonged to a stalker. Then she noticed the pretty looking heart-shaped pendant attached to the wrist handle. Suddenly she was nostalgic again and then it just hit her. She realized it was the heart-shaped pendant that belonged to Dong Hae. She knew this because Dong hae had them custom made. Then she could only conclude that the cyborg that saved her really was Dong Hae. She thought it was crazy and yet it all made sense to her. Feeling a sense of shock, she dropped the camera and fell to her knees crying her eyes out.

Dong Hae immediately returned to the research facility to break the bad news to Dr. Park of what had happened at the stadium. Dr. Park was amazed at Dong Hae’s incredible strength, but now there was cause for great concern. Olympus research is government owned which means Dong Hae is government property. As soon as the video coverage of Dong Hae saving BoA is made public, the government will find out and have Dong Hae kept under lock and key for further study. This is the sort of thing Dr. Park was trying to avoid at all costs. There was no way he would allow is ultimate creation to fall in the wrong hands. The government will surely have their own agenda to exploit Dong Hae’s abilities. So Dr. Park concluded the only option was for Dong Hae to flee the country and quite possibly never to return. Dr. Park had very good connections so it could be arranged easily. The best way would be for Dong Hae to escape Korea by sneaking on a freight courier to Japan. And from there he could go anywhere. The whole point was to ensure that nobody could retrace his footsteps. Dong Hae strongly opposed the Doctor’s decision but knew it was the only way to avoid any trouble. The Doctor was in danger as well and he would do his best to keep Dong Hae’s blueprints concealed. Dong Hae was hoping that there would be time to find a way to make him human again but chances of that were slim to none. The important thing now was for Dong Hae to escape Korea. Before he would leave he wanted to see BoA one last time no matter what. With his special cyborg skill he managed to acquire BoA’s current cell number. He gave her a call and asked to meet her at the place where he gave her the necklace. This way BoA knew for sure it was Dong Hae. She agreed and they scheduled the time to meet which was around early evening right before sunset. He was now ready to leave Korea and lay low for awhile. The one last thing Dr. Park needed to do was apply the skin grafts to Dong Hae’s body that would make him pass for human. The Doctor had worked on completing them shortly after Dong Hae escaped to search for BoA. After Dong Hae received the skin grafts, he now looked as he did when he was fully human. Dong Hae said a tearful last goodbye to his creator and father figure. Although Dr. Park was very angry with Dong Hae for exposing himself, he understood his reasons. He truly was sympathetic towards Dong Hae’s love for BoA. Dong Hae jumped on his motorbike and rode off to meet BoA.

BoA had arrived early at the meet up point at a rural area outside of Seoul. It was just as she remembered it with the surrounding lush green meadow and wooden fence. The sun was a few hours away to setting. Dong Hae was late and BoA thought he would never come. She still thought she was a bit crazy to believe Dong Hae was still alive. But as she gave up and was on her way to leave, Dong Hae finally showed up on his motorbike. BoA couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him. He looked exactly the way he did when she last saw him a year ago. BoA tried to hold herself together as he explained everything to her. It was a lot for her to take in at once but she accepted it. Now BoA wasn’t really sure what to do at this point. She still loved Dong Hae with all her heart but under these circumstances they could never be together. She was happy to have seen him one last time before he left overseas. For a long while Dong Hae held BoA in his arms. It was a highly emotional time for both of them and they cherished every moment of it. BoA had left behind Dong Hae’s camera at the stadium by accident. That camera was all Dong Hae had to remind himself of BoA. So BoA decided to give Dong Hae her necklace as a reminder of their great love they had for each other. Finally they parted ways and BoA watched Dong Hae with tearful eyes as he rode off into the sunset.


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