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Posted 9/25/11 , edited 9/26/11
This is where the scientis will work
Depending on the budget of each antion you will be able to spend it on reserch and developement
the sisthem will be realy simple
Each branch will cost you an amount of money to develope and research. Depending the brach you will allow your nation to produce new weapon ,ship, mobil suit,mobil armor.
This will work like this
i want to develope a new beam rifle for our Ms.
nation you work under
you will need to invest in beam energy who will cost you xxxxxxxxxx
then ill add mabey an particle axelerator for that ill need etc who will cost me xxxxxxxx

then you rp and explain how you do it, spending your money
Your new wepon will only be able after a periode of time depending on the price you spend on it

Also to be more interesting you can work whit other scientis to develope it and make god rp plz include fail experiment and many test until you achiev your goal not just im a godly scientiste and whit no test and no fail i develope the ultimate mobil suit whit nuclear and solar power who got gundamnium armor plus phase shift in 1 days. BE FAIR.

You may also recive a special order from pilote, ship captian mechano etc to develope sothing in paticular. You can say yes or no but if you say yes They will have to finance this whit there own money.

Also plz member put all your resaerch in spoiler just let your name or code name if you like it and nation so we can know witch nation did those research and aslo don't look in other nation reaserch if you are not a spy
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