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Posted 9/25/11 , edited 9/26/11
THis will be the place where every one will be avble to ask there science division to develope what they want

You must do it like that:

name of the scientiste (only if you want this one to do it else any one can pick the order)
Your order
i would like a bether beam saber on my mobil suit
He is solar power and i want it to be short but whit a hight particle density so i can cut more easely my target
tank you PLZ

scientis who will pick this order will have to reply like this

Ive accepted your order and will work on it
i will need
name (if you want ) the section of researche you will use then
it will cost you a total amount of xxxxxxxxxx$

Like developenment more the cost of the order is higt more this one will take time to be fully develope
also since its a special order and not a nation developement order the cost will be reduce for all research since its not for mass produce

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