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Posted 10/27/11 , edited 10/28/11
thanks i hope i passed and yeah i love the artowrk cause it is so cute lol and i probably don't have enough money to buy it D:
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Posted 10/31/11 , edited 11/1/11
Hello everyone, Gakupo here with your weekly update, special Halloween edition. Let's get right into this weeks top stories, reviews, and announcements.

Deadliest Warrior: Hatsune Miku vs. Squid Girl
Here is the link to the crunchyroll article I am citing:

Now how would Miku actually do? Let's look at the weapons available to these two CG cuties. Squid Girl has her multiple and super powerful tentacles that seem nothing short of a cheat. With their great number, flexibility, speed, and power, I give her main weapon a 95. This is going up against Miku's hair which act and are as strong as Mr. Universe's huge arms, I give it a 79. I also have to give the edge in intelligence to Squid girl, not to say Miku is not intelligent, its 87 over 75. However, this video shows that Miku's arm has a secret weapon that there is just no answer for, while squid girl's arms are nothing but decoration, I make it 98 over 10. Squid girl's tsundere factor is given a 87, but Miku's moe factor overpowers that with a whopping 97. Now generally speaking, I would usually give the win to squid girl, shows that some victories are not won through fights and really I give the ultimate win to Miku. Let me know what stats you would use and who you guys think would win. Even better, posts your hypothetical Deadliest warrior match-ups here in the news forums.

Happy Halloween:
The following is yet another crunchyroll article highlighting an awesome halloween video

New concert with my little sister, GUMI-CHAN!!! (and Akikoloid):

It was a small concert at the Digital concept expo in Japan, and while there have been vocaloid concerts before, this one was markedly different in that this was the first real 3-D concert with audience given poles with markers that allowed them to actually interact with these virtual pop stars themselves.With this new "Augmented Reality" system, we may all be one step closer to getting a legit autograph and hug from Miku-dono.

Next I want to Welcome are new Vocaloid reps:

lenluvrin = Len-dono
rin1212 = Rin-dono
were65were = kaito-dono
mikuhatshune = Teto-dono

Happy to have you

Finally, we have the vocaloid review of the week and it being Halloween, I decided that I would warn someone under the age of 13 from seeing.

Now there were a lot of candidates out there, and really I was about to do Trick and Treat (here's the link to the live concert video if you still want to see it: ). But I try to do songs that are not as well known so I decided on "Fear Garden"

Well, this song is...interesting. Now the following is a simple summery:

Now, this song is pretty twisted, and I am horror junkie, I've seen a lot of twisted vocaloid songs, this is Rin at her most twisted. I like how the artist uses Rin's voice as an instrumental, it kind of adds to the sort of crazy, sayonara zetsubou sensei OP ED song type tone. Really, this sound like it came straight from the anime's OST. While the actually content of the song is interesting, I am not a particular fan of the lyrics. The chorus is self explanatory and the verses aren't really that meaningful. Again,the strength in the use of the software in this case is as a pure instrument. Now that being said, on a 5 star scale: Melody 4, Vocaloid Voice 4, lyrics 2, content 3.5, PV and PV selection 4. The PV quality and selection available are of a nice quality and really provide a nice visualization to the story. Overall I give the song a 4. As far as horror songs go, you can't really go wrong with this one, and as with any horror song, it leaves a lot to the imagination, which tends to create the most amount of fear. It is the power of suggestion and this song is definitely one worth seeing once, especially tonight. As with any review, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or advice on how I can improve this section. Thoughts on the song? Do not hesitate to post below. Now for you all who have read this far, here is the song for next weeks review, this one is for the guys out there:

Alright everyone, thanks for tuning in and I will see you all next week. Until then, Katajikenai

Posted 11/1/11 , edited 11/1/11
i listened to secret garden a lot because my enemy hated it
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Posted 1/8/12 , edited 1/9/12

Yes everyone, this is your news updater Gakupo here. During my Hiatus some of you, both old and new, have added me as a buddy, Katajikenai. That being said, I would like to welcome all the new members who arrived while I was gone and wish everyone a happy new year. So what’s new in the world of vocaloid you ask? Here’s some headlines from December:

The Latest in 3-D Technology
It is official; technology is advancing for the sole purpose of Hatsune Miku. Check out this link to the CR article:

My Sister Gumi
Now while Miku-dono and her crew goes out doing live concerts, my sister Gumi and our friend Akiko-dono are doing more private concerts. While not so much on the 3-D side of innovation, the Digital Contents Expo which showcased a new way for virtual performers to interact with their audience. How does Gumi know you’re there? Through ANTENNA GLOWSTICKS.

Project Mirai
Not sure if you guys have already heard of the new vocaloid game coming out known as Hatsune Miku and Future Friends: Project Mirai a Nendoroid style game which, in addition to being unbelievably adorable, will also allow for multiple vocaloids to sing a song. Check out this link for more:

And I’ve noticed how much love our Korean vocaloid has been getting lately so here is are a couple cosplay pictures I found while surfing the CR news boards:

Here's the link if you want to see more: ...I realize now that this sounds like a trap...Its a CR article Lol.

Now to close out, I give you my vocaloid song of the week
Now usually, I prefer to stick with songs that are less known or are relatively new in order expand our little vocaloid Universe. With that in mind I give you a song that has described me perfectly during the last month while I was gone.

It is called “OWATA” (I think, I actually don’t know the real title, but it works on youtube)

To say I love this song is probably a given at this point. Since I can’t really be unbiased with this song, but I definitely recommend it to whoever may be having a bad day and really needs a good laugh.
Well, that will be all for the updates for this week, check out the wall for constant updates and I’ll see you all next weekend. Katajikenai

Posted 1/10/12 , edited 1/11/12
i don't think the seeu cosplay is that great wbu u guys haha that song xD
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Posted 1/11/12 , edited 1/12/12

Sega looking for fans to submit art for new vocaloid game.
Link to CR article for details:

Link to source (In japanese):

Unfortunately, since I don't know Japanese, I don't know the current status or even where to submit, but dig around a bit budding artists and definitely give it a shot, good luck.
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Posted 1/19/12 , edited 1/20/12
BIG STUFF GUYS: I don't know how many of you guys keep up with politics but there is a big piece of law being considered in Congress. I won't bore you guys with the details, but basically its to give the government the power to police the internet. In the short-term, it means no more youtube, facebook, and other file sharing and streaming sites. To me this is only a few steps short of removing anime and manga from the internet. Now I also will not lie. This proposition was made in response to online piracy. Understandably, people want to make money for the work they do. However, Many do not think this bill will succeed and will only restrict freedom of speech. Well enough of the rant. Long story short, no more AMVS, possibly no more fanart, cosplay photos online might come down, and at the very least, no more youtube or facebook. One of my buddies invited me to a SAVE THE INTERNET GROUP. Here's the link, so please join:
Posted 1/25/12 , edited 1/25/12
SOPA is everywhere =(
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