Season 2?

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Posted 9/27/11 , edited 9/27/11
If you've seen the last episode, you know you're a whole bunch of curious.

Kamisama Dolls ended very nicely, especially with it's ending epilogue. I say bravo and say a season 2 is well deserved for the series.

Kamisama Dolls is a show that doesn't leave much of an impact at first, but leaves you curious to what happens next. The curiosity later turns into an itch, and then from an itch to a wound that needs sterilizing. Each character is psychotic in their own way, giving you comfort since you're just as much crazy(JK). Reminded me a bit of Persona and Evangelion mixed together, but doesn't mean it has no shred of originality.
The series has been pulling though since the earthquake in Japan, and has been impressive to maintain a steady flow of good. If you're into Evangelion or a bit curious about genre outside Shounen, I recommend Kamisama Dolls

Just as it hits me, Kamisama Dolls started out as a manga, so I'm more sure there may be a season 2.

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Posted 2/14/12 , edited 2/14/12
Yep, it was a preview of the next season plot. Woo hoo, loved it so far. Still waiting for sekirei season 3 in the meantime.
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