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Posted 9/29/11 , edited 9/29/11
like other class you need
user name
nation you want to spy on:
the job you will take in those nation

Spy explication:
The role of the spy will be to create a flase character in a nation of his choice and give info about military movement , research and etc .
If you register as a spy make sure you come here and register so other mod can place you in the groupe you ask for.
Since every coment will be put in spoiler spy will be the only one to have permition to look on 2 nation comment. To keep identity of the spy secret i will create an othe forum so the spy can report want the learn on ennemy nation.
If some one say he poted you don'T worry mod will make sure this one have not look the spy registration or the spy report forum.
Also you cannot becom a commanding officer if you are a spy. you can only be pilote mechano crew member etc nothing that will imply you to have commande of something.
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